Gothia Innebandy Cup

Exclusive events

We want to develop players both on and off the pitch. To play a tournament and build the team is one of the best learning experiences for youth athletes. However a team is built of individuals and the personal progression will help develop the team. 


Goalkeeper event

Since 2018 we have been able to offer participating goalkeepers to take part in our goalkeeper event with professional instructors. Every year this event has been fully booked and the participating youths have been very pleased with the event.

will be presented closer to the tournament
will be updated
Registration is required
Limited number of spots
In order for the instructor to have time to give all participants the best possible development, up to 15 goalkeepers can participate at a time.
Register your goalkeeper - the registration is not open.


Injury treatment

We are very proud to be able to offer all leaders a workshop about injury treatment in association with SportRehab. The workshop includes a lecture on the importance of treating injuries directly and a practical review of how injuries should be treated.

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