Tournament information

Tournament information

Tournament information

Categories of participation

Category A - School accommodation:
Everyone staying at the school, players and leaders, has to pay the accommodation cost and participation fee. The cost is inclusive of Gothia Card and ten meals starting with lunch on January 3rd and ending with lunch on January 6th. Players can rent mattresses including bedding to an additional cost, for leaders it is free of charge. If you bring your own mattress it can not be wider than 75 cm. We urge all participants and leaders to never leave valuables or money unattended at the school. 

Category B - Hotel accommodation:
Hotel booked through the Gothia Innebandy Cup. All participants, players and leaders, has to pay the hotel cost and participant fee. The cost is inclusive of breakfast and Gothia Card. Lunch and dinner vouchers for meals at a nearby school can be purchased at Gothia Account.

Category C - Own accommodation:
Teams arranging their own accommodation. All participants, players and leaders, has to pay the participant fee. Lunch and dinner vouchers for meals at a nearby school can be purchased at Gothia Account.

See the costs for each category

Who may participate?

To Gothia Innebandy Cup all teams are welcome. The only condition is that the club is registered with its country’s floorball federation.

The competition starts with a group play. The teams are divided into groups of five teams (with uneven number of teams in an age category some groups may contain six teams) where all teams will meet in a round robin series. The first and second team in the group qualifies for playoff A, the other teams in the group qualifies for playoff B.  All playoff matches will be decided by the cup system, which is by direct elimination. Class B11 plays in accordance with the rules of SIBF (Swedish Floorball Association). No play off will be played and no winner declared. Instead there will be a group play with six to seven teams in each group.

Number of teams in the tournament

It is our aim that all teams wishing to take part in Gothia Innebandy Cup are able to do so. The teams that have registered and paid the registration fee has priority. Registration counts as the date we receive the registration fee. Please note that some categories can be fully booked before the last day to register, teams will then be put on a waiting list.

Which is the last date to register?

Deadline for making a registration is November 10th. Please note that some categories can be fully booked before the last day to register, teams will then be put on a waiting list.

Gothia Card

Gothia Card is included for all players, leaders and accompanying families and friends who have booked their accommodation via Gothia Innebandy Cup and/or paid the participation fee. Accompanying families and friends who have booked their own accommodation can purchase Gothia Card via the team leader. 

Read more about Gothia Card

Special food

For persons with special food needs or allergies we are able to arrange this. If you wish to order vegetarian food the cost is €10 per person. Please note that we don’t serve any dishes that contains nuts (including peanuts, almonds and sesame) or pork.

Extra night for teams with school accommodation

For teams, with school accommodation, who wish to arrive one day early and stay an extra night at the school, need to book this at Gothia Account. The extra night cost €10 per person including breakfast.

Gothia Account

All registered teams have their own team page at Gothia Account. Several leaders can connect their Gothia ID to the same team page at Gothia Account. On your team page you will update your registration, place orders, fill out the list of participants, make payments and see your balance. Please note that each team is responsible for deadlines of when information, orders and similar are to be submitted.

Log on to Gothia Account

Check in online

All teams have to check in online at Gothia Account before their arrival to the tournament. The online check in can be done by the earliest on December 15th and by the latest on January 2nd. Please observe, that you must bring your booking confirmation and possible vouchers that you have printed to the tournament to collect your orders. 

Gothia Line

Gothia Line are buses that runs between schools and courts where it's hard to travel with the local communications. Gothia Lines schedule is found in our app. Use the local communications where it's possible. 

Hotel bookings for parents and supporters

For relatives and friends, hotel accommodation can be arranged at reasonable prices. For booking and further information read more here or contact the Gothia Innebandy Cup hotel booking,

Important dates

March 11th: Registration opens on the website
November 10th: Last day to register a team
November 20th: Last date to pay the accommodation cost and/or participation fee for all who stay in a school, a hotel or have booked their own accommodation.
December 10th: Last date for payments of extra orders such as extra Gothia Cards and special food. Also the deadline to cancel players.
December 15th: Last day to apply for dispensation
January 2nd: Last day to check in online
January 3rd
: The tournament start
January 6th: Gothia Finals and departure day


For teams reaching the A-final, each player will receive a medal, and the teams the specially designed Gothia Innebandy Cup trophy. The two loosing teams in the A playoff semi final will receive a third place trophy and bronze medals during the half time of their class final. Teams playing the B-finals will receive a trophy. 

A trophy is awarded to the best club. Points are awarded as follows:

  • 1st place in the preliminary group: 1 point

  • Victory in an A playoff match: 1 point

  • Victory in an A playoff semi or final: 2 points

Only three teams per club are counted. By equal points the club with fewer teams taking part wins. The prize giving ceremony will take place during the half time of the final of the winning club.


The registration fee must be paid within 20 days after submitting the registration online. Once we receive the payment of your registration fee we will confirm your registration.

The accommodation cost and/or participation fee must be paid no later than November 20th. If the accommodation cost and/or participation fee has not been paid for five days after its due date, Gothia Innebandy Cup has the right to cancel your registration without any right to a refund of the registration fee. For hotel accommodation, see your booking confirmation.

Note that all bank transaction fees have to be paid for by the team. Please observe that we do not accept any personal or company cheques.


If you need to cancel your registration, email and note your registration number. The registration fee is non refundable.

In case a player or leader must cancel the accommodation cost is only refundable if the cancellation is made at the lastest December 10th. After December 10th a doctor's notice is required to get the accommodation cost refunded.

Accommodation booked through Gothia Innebandy Cup

We reserve us the right during the tournament when needed to move a team from their accommodation to be lodged in another accommodation and the right to dismiss a participant from Gothia Innebandy Cup accommodation if the participant commits criminal offense or at repeated occasions violates our rules. For teams with booked accommodation through Gothia Innebandy Cup the team manager as indicated on the participants list is responsible for the team's behavior. 


The team manager in charge is obligated to ensure that all participants are insured on the pitch. Each participant is responsible for his/her personal insurance off the pitch. Participants from countries that have no medical insurance agreement with Sweden must have personal medical insurance. Neither Gothia Innebandy Cup nor the organizer has collective insurance to cover injuries, illness, theft or damages.

Cancelled tournament

Neither Gothia Innebandy Cup nor the organizer is responsible for compensation and they are also not responsible for financial losses or damages that may occur due to events outside the control of Gothia Innebandy Cup or the organizer, such as war-like events, fire, flood, interruptions in public transport connections, government actions, strike or other similar circumstances.


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