UHC Uster from Switzerland returns to Gothenburg - strengthened by this year's tournament

411 teams from six countries participated in Gothia Innebandy Cup 2023. UHC Uster was then the only team from Switzerland.

In January, the Swiss team will return to Gothenburg to participate in the tournament's B18 category.
– It was a fantastic experience, says team leader Markus Schneebeli.

UHC Uster comes from Uster, located just outside Zurich. In their club, everyone is welcome regardless of floorball experience.
– Our strength is that we can include all people, regardless of their characteristics, in the team and integrate them. We also always try to be ambitious, says Markus Schneebeli.
In January, the club debuted in Gothia Innebandy Cup with its B17 team. They played eight games, scored in two and scored 15 goals. Talents Noah Trachsel and Jannis Feldmann scored six goals each.
– It was a fantastic experience with long days and intense matches. I like the atmosphere of international tournaments with lots of, for us, unknown opponents and games on different courts. We also enjoyed the fantastic job of the referees and not to forget - the fantastic staff who organized the event and who were always helpful and friendly.

UHC Uster has benefited greatly from its participation in the tournament by taking the experience back to Switzerland.
– We learned how to better adapt to other types of floorball than the one played in Switzerland. The tournament was also good for team cohesion. Gothia Innebandy Cup is a tournament and experience that we share together as a team, says Markus Schneebeli.
So when registration opened last spring, the team was not late in sending in another registration for the next tournament.
– The players wanted to be involved again. We naturally want to get better and use the experience from last time. Then Gothenburg is a fantastic city. We really like the proximity to the sea and the beautiful old town.

Despite UHC Uster's busy schedule, it was a no-brainer to sign up for the Gothia Innebandy Cup 2024 - because as it stands today, nothing can stand in the way of the club's participation in the tournament.
– It’s not easy to get to Gothenburg because of the tight schedule in the Swiss leagues. Last year we played the last game on Saturday, flew back Sunday morning and played a championship round that afternoon.
The interest in floorball is great in Switzerland, but so far only UHC Uster is registered for Gothia Innebandy Cup.
Markus Schneebeli urges other Swiss clubs to complete their registration for the tournament.
– I'm sure that the participation in Gothia Innebandy Cup makes the team better on and off the field, says the team leader.


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