Today's finals at Valhalla Sporthall A

Here you can read about all the finals at Valhalla Sporthall A during the final day of the Gothia Innebandy Cup. Page will be updated during the day.

B15: FBC Česká Lípa – Linköpings IBK  3–2 (2–0)

 The Czech team, Česká Lípa, played against Linköpings IBK in the last final of the Playoff A in Valhalla Sporthall A.
Česká Lípa took the lead in the first half after a goal from Lucia Švajcrová. Jan Vondruška extended the lead in the last minutes of the first half when scoring Česká Lípa’s second goal of the day. Then they made a third.

But Linköping didn’t give up. They scored twice and were just a goal down with one minute left and with power play. Česká Lípa stood the whole minute without conceding any goals though and became the winners of the B15-series.
– Yes, incredibly nervous. I think it would go to tie and then to shootout but we are a strong team so we would have won the penalty shootout. I never thought we were going to loose or something like that, says Jan Vondruška.

B14: FBC Partille - FbC Hradec Králové POL-SKONE Black 2–3 (0–2)

In the B14-final, the Swedish team FBC Partille played against the Czech team FbC Hradec Králové. The Czechs took an early lead, after having Přemek Hanzlík scoring the first goal of the game. Hradec Králové then went up to a 2–0-lead in the 19:th minute – a result that stood until half time.

Partille came out strong in the second, and Noel Aruvald made Partilles first goal of the day in the second minute of the second half. Partille continued to attack, having much of the possession and threatening with shots. But it was Hradec Králové that scored 3–1. Then Partille scored yet again, only three minutes later. But there were no more goals as Hradec Králové stood fast and came out victorious from the B14-series.
– It was a very hard game, and I was just trying to do my best. I think we did a good game, but we could have done it better. But I’m very, very happy, says Hradec Králové’s goalkeeper Dominik Janeček.

G14: Black Angels – CL 98 IC 2–2 (1–1), 4–2 after penalties. 

Black Angels from the Czech Republic won against CL 98 from Sweden in the final of the G14 class. The Czechs got up to a 1–0 lead after a power play goal from Monika Janouskovcova. But CL 98 equalized in the middle of the first half through Julia Jagodzinski, a score that stood until half time.
– It’s amazing and I really love the feeling. The Gothia Innebandy Cup was kind of difficult, but it was fun. It means so much for us to win because we all really love floorball, I’m speechless, says Black Angels goalkeeper, Barbora Vorbsova.

The second half started off as the first one ended – with loads of duels and waging play. But Black Angels quickly got up to a lead. But – CL 98 did not yield and came back, scoring yet another equalizer.
CL 98 scored just as the end whistle went off, just a bit to late. So the game went to a penalty shootout.
The Black Angels-keeper saved all four of CL 98’s penalties and got to take the Gothia Innebandy Cup-trophy home to the Czech Republic.
– I love this feeling and I’m really happy. This is the biggest thing I’ve won. I was just trying to be calm through the penalty shootouts. I took a deep breath and then it just happens, she says.

G13: CL 98 IC – Pixbo Wallenstam IBF 5–0 (4–0)

CL 98 IC from the Swedish city of Kalmar faced Pixbo Wallenstam IBF from the Swedish municipality Mölnlycke in the G13-final. And CL 98 started the game by scoring three goals early on. After just about eight minutes, Alva Pettersson from CL 98 scored a hat-trick.
–  It was really nice, this is what I’ve been waiting for. This is how I try to play when in games or in training. It’s only goals that count and winning – this is what we came here to do, she says.

The team from Mölnlycke then got a grip of the first half but didn’t succeed to score – however Pettersson managed to get a fourth one in just before half time. Pixbo didn’t manage to get back in the game after that and CL 98 won the G13-final against Pixbo with 5–0 after Alva Rahm scored the last one in the second half.
– We’ve worked together as a team during the tournament, and we always cheer each other on. We’re many that enjoys playing floorball and we’re many that can play together, says Pettersson.


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