Today's finals at Valhalla Sporthall B

Here you can read about all the finals at Valhalla Sporthall B during the final day of the Gothia Innebandy Cup. Page will be updated during the day.

G15: Fredrikshavn Blackhawks – IBK Alingsås 2–2 (2­–2) 2–1 in penalty shootout

Thirds time’s a charm for Fredrikshavn Blackhawks. The game started with an even first round. The Danes took the lead after six minutes. But after Alingsås scored two goals with just one minute apart, suddenly the swedes were in the lead. Blackhawks equalized and had a lot of chances to score later in the second round, but due to Alingsås great defense and goalkeeping the second round ended goalless. The final was decided by penalties, that Fredrikshavn Blackhawks won 2–1.
This is the third time Blackhawks competed in Gothia Innebandy Cup, and after losing the finals last time they were hungry for revenge.
– We knew we will win this time, it was our turn. We had time to develop, and our team spirit is greater than ever, says Esther Thomsen.

B13: FBC Ceska Lipa - Jönkpings IK Vit 6–6 (2–4) 3–2 in penalty shootout

The third final at Valhalla Sporthall ends with penalty shootouts as well. Jönköpings IK Vit won the B13-finals after a tough game against the Czech Republic team FBZ Ceska Lipa. Both teams fought hard for the first place. The Czechs reduced the score five times, and with only a couple of minutes remaing of the game they equalized to 6–6. but it didn’t go all the way as Jönköping won the penalty shootouts witch 3–2.
– It was our team spirit that made us win, says Ebbe Hassel.

B12: Avalanche - Växjö IBK U 3–3 (2–1) 3­–1 in penalty shootout

Another dramatic final at Valhalla Sporthall B. The Czech team Avalanche took the lead with an early goal. Växjö reduced the score two times but the Czechs kept the lead throughout the game. With three minutes left Växjö equalized, and the final ended with penalty shootout that Avalanche won with 3–2.
– It feels extra good to win when we came such a long way to play. We would’ve been disappointed if not, says Adam Martinek.

 G12: Pixbo Wallenstam IBF - IBK Lund 2–2 (0–0) 3–0 in penalty shootout

 Pixbo Wallenstam won in penalty shootouts after a dramatic final. The second period was tough and ended goalless. But in the start of second period IBK Lund scored two fast goals and seemed to have the game under control. But halfway through second round Pixbo Wallenstam scored. Lund had a good defense but with only 20 second left Pixbo Wallenstam scored, and the game went to penalty shootout. Lund missed all theirs and Pixbo Wallenstam scored three, which made them win the finals.
– This means everything to us, we have fought so hard to get here, says Tyra Jonestål.

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