Today's finals at Partille Arena - LIVE

Here you can read about all the finals at Partille Arena during the final day of the Gothia Innebandy Cup. Page will be updated during the day.

B16: CL98IC - Kanonyri Kladno 3-4 (0-0) after penalties
The Swedish team CL98IC faced Kanonyri Kladno from the Czech Republic in the last final of the day: the B16 final. It was a tight first period with not many chances. The final was goalless after the first 20 minutes. In the second period, the tempo got higher. The second period was as tight as the first one. The score was still 0-0 at full time. Penalties decided the game, and it became a real thriller. CL98IC took the lead in the shootout and were two goals ahead but then Kanonyri Kladno came back and won in the end.  The Czech Republican team’s captain Ferdinand Tomasek then scored the winner with an ice cold penalty. The players were so happy and celebrated with their fans and friends in the stands.
– It’s fantastic. I have never won a tournament before in my life, so this is big. I have an unreal feeling right now. Now we will celebrate on the bus home, we will probably be singing and dancing a lot of the time. We’re so happy, says the match winner Ferdinand Tomasek.

B17: TJ Znojmo LAUFEN CZ - IK Zenith 2-4 (1-2) after penalties

The B17 final between TJ Znojmo LAUFEN CZ from the Czech Republic and the Swedish side IK Zenith was tied after ten minutes. After 14 minutes, Martin Vavrina scored for TJ Znojmo LAUFEN CZ. IK Zenith came back and turned the game around thanks to two great goals from the talented player Alek Lundwall. The teams changed opportunities with each other in the beginning of the second period. TJ Znojmo LAUFEN CZ hit the post halfway through the second period. Tomas Svetlik tied the final with only a little more than a minute left and the game went to penalties. IK Zenith scored on two penalties and the goalkeeper Albin Wigren didn’t concede any penalty. The goalie got the well deserved prize as the MVP of the final.
– It feels so, so good. We have played with a very young team and with three lines all the way. We have done this together. It was an exciting game and I had a very good feeling in the shootout. Now we will celebrate all day. The coach will make burgers for the whole team, so it will be very nice, says the hero Albin Wigren.

G16: Black Angels - Jönköpings IK 5-2 (1-1)
Black Angels from the Czech Republic took the lead in the G16 final in the first minute, thanks to a goal from Linda Fuchsová. Jönköpings IK came back and tied the game after 13 minutes. Ebba Böwing was the happy goal scorer. Black Angels immediately scored in the start of the second period. Linda Fuchsová scored again with a nice shot. Jönköpings IK came back from behind for the second time in the final when Filippa Hellström made it 2-2. Linda Fuchsová then completed her hattrick and celebrated together with happy teammates. Black Angels continued scoring. Nikola Štekerová and Agáta Procházková got one goal each as Black Angels increased their lead to 5-2, which was the result at full time.
– It feels amazing. We almost didn’t make it to the tournament and now we’re the winners. I didn’t expect to score three goals in the final. We have kept running, running and running and played very well together as a team. The other team played great, but we have shown how floorball should be played. We will be singing and dancing on the bus all the way home, says the MVP Linda Fuchsová.

B18: Pixbo Wallenstam - Warberg IBF 5-4 (2-3)
Pixbo Wallenstam started the B18 final against their countrymen in Warberg IBF really well. Benjamin Schill scored after just two minutes and five minutes later it was Jakob Heins turn to score for the local team. Johan Larsson gave Warberg IBF hope when he made it 2-1 with a great shot and then celebrated with a lot of celebrations in front of their fans. The fans became even happier when Filip Holmer equalized three minutes later. Warberg IBF completed the turn around after 14 minutes, when Totte Lanai scored. It lead to even more celebrations in the stands. It was a very exciting first period with many goals. Oscar Winblad Bergholtz made it 3-3 in the second period in this amazing game. Then Warberg IBF got a penalty. Totte Lanai was cold as ice and Warberg IBF was back in the lead. Benjamin Schill made it 4-4 with less than six minutes left. Pixbo Wallenstam got the last word in the final as they scored with just 40 seconds left. The hero: Jakob Heins.
– It was our third straight victory in the B18 category. It was our coach's last Gothia Innebandy Cup, so we won for him. We will now celebrate together and dance in the locker room, says Jakob Heins, the match winner and MVP of the B18 final.

G17: IBF Älvstranden - Ingelstad IBK 3-1 (2-0)
Ingelstad IBK hit the crossbar two times during the first ten minutes in the Swedish G17 final against IBF Älvstranden. But it was IBF Älvstranden that scored the first goal in the final. Linnea Wising gave her team the lead after 13 minutes. Ella Kroon doubled the lead for IBF Älvstranden two minutes later. They were up 2-0 after the first period in the final. Wilma Nilsson made the game even more exciting when she scored to make it 2-1. But the minute after, Indra Bäckvall’s great shot gave IBF Älvstranden a new two goal lead. In the end, IBF Älvstranden was the better team today. They were very happy after the final whistle in Partille Arena.
– It feels fantastic, we have fought hard together for this. Winning this tournament is very big. Now we will celebrate with dance in the locker room, says the MVP of the final, goal scorer Linnea Wising.

G18: FBC Liberec - Landvetter IBK Wings 1-4 (0-1)
It was a close first period between FBC Liberec from the Czech Republic and the Swedish team Landvetter IBK Wings in the G18 final. Alice Haeggman gave Landvetter IBK Wings the lead after eleven minutes. She stole the ball in front of the goal and scored with a good shot. It was the only goal in the first 20 minutes. In the middle of the second period, Emma Nilsson made it 2-0 to Landvetter IBK Wings in powerplay. A few minutes later, Tilda Eriksson increased the lead to 3-0. Then Alice Haeggman scored her second goal in the game. Karolína Klubalová scored for FBC Liberec with two minutes remaining. The Swedes were victorious after a fantastic second period and a tournament filled with great performances.
– It feels so good. It was very nice to score two goals in the final. We don’t know how we will be celebrating yet, but we will enjoy the time for sure, says Alice Haeggman, the MVP of the G18 final.


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