"This was by far the highlight of the week"

Malmö won after a hard-fought performance.

After a fair match at Prioritet Serneke Arena between Malmö FBC and GIF Fighters in the G16 category, Malmö won the match in the end with 3-1.
- This was by far the highlight of the tournament, says Heide, captain for Malmö FBC.

It was an exciting match when Malmö FBC and GIF Fighters faced each other. Even though they trailed 1-0 at half-time, they turned the match around and won 3-1 in the end.  
- It was a stressful match, but we handled it well and fought like a real team. We worked hard in both attack and defense, and we supported each other to 100%, Heidi says.
- I think that it was our mentality that made us turn this match around. We were going to go through, for me there was nothing else in my mind.

Heidi has a great passion for the sport, and for her, this is what the sport is all about.
- I love floorball and I love my team, so this win was crucial for me. It really could not have gone better.

During Gothia Innebandy Cup there are many matches in a short period, and there is a short break between them. Therefore, the teams need to find ways to reload under the short breaks.
- In between the matches we usually hang around in our room at the school we stay in. Then we prepare for the next match with music and encouraging each other.

Is it difficult to play so many matches, or is it something you like?
- I always want to play the matches, so for me, it is not an issue. Then, of course, you feel fatigued, but it is always fun to play, she says.

She says that it has been a good week in Gothenburg, but when asked the question what the highlight of the week has been, she does not hesitate.  
- This match is by far the highlight of the week, Heidi says.


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