They were the first teams to register for Gothia Cup Innebandy 2025

On Monday, the registration for Gothia Cup Innebandy 2025 opened and there were a number of teams who registered very early.

Brumunddal IBK.

Lindås IBK's B11 team was the fastest team to sign up. First among the foreign teams was Norwegian Brumunddal IBK's G13 team.
– The feeling of being first is extremely wonderful, says Johannes Unsgaard, coach for Lindås IBK.
– We have actually been waiting for the opening of the registration and have been prepared to play since we left Gothenburg in January, says Christian Andersen, coach for Brumunddal IBK.

Johannes Unsgaard is a little bit surprised when he is told that they were the fastest of all the teams with the registration.
– It's very nice to hear! The feeling of being first is incredibly wonderful. We had a goal of participating in Gothia Cup Innebandy next season and we understood that we would be early, but you have also heard about how quickly it filled up in previous years. We were ready as soon as it opened and had prepared accounts and so on in advance. This is the first time this age group plays Gothia Cup Innebandy, so we were a bit rookies regarding the process. As a new user, the instructions and information have been great, it made registration easier, says Johannes Unsgaard.

The coach tells us that the players in the team are very hopeful.
– It is huge to play Gothia Cup regardless of sport, so we have had our eyes on the year categories for several years and just waited for it to be the right year for players born in 2013. We're in a good floorball region, in an great club, with many good clubs and good development in general, he says.
According to Johannes Unsgaard, the boys in the team have made great progress and now want to test themselves in games against opposition from large parts of the country and perhaps even from abroad.
– We want to see how we are in terms of development, both as individuals and as a team. Playing in a competitive class means that the biggest focus for us is on our performance and that we have a high fun factor. We believe that Gothia Cup Innebandy will be a good and inspiring environment. The fact that it is also an anniversary only enhances the experience, he says.
Last year, Gothia Cup Innebandy was played in Lindås IBK's home arenas; Lindås Waves Arena and Askims Sporthall.
– It meant that our boys got to see a lot of floorball and teams and players from several European countries. The fact that we also had several successful teams, both girls and boys, last year means a great desire for more, within the entire club.

Almost as fast was Ci85 Carlshamn IBK's G15 team. They were the fastest to sign up of the teams that do not come from the Gothenburg area.
– We're eager to play. Of course, the reminders in the calendars and the alarms were set. You really can't miss the 30th anniversary of Gothia Cup lnnebandy! says the coach Ronald Haagensen.
It was an easy choice for them to come back in 2025.
– We participated for the first time in January and got to experience a big, wonderful tournament with exciting matches and fun teams to face. We're now very hungry for revenge to do even better in 2025. It was also extra fun to experience Gothenburg as a city together and build on the team spirit for a few wonderful days together. It's not just us players and leaders, but our whole group of supporters with parents, siblings and relatives who are looking forward to another wonderful Gothia Cup Innebandy together, says Ronald Haagensen.

First to sign up of the foreign teams was the Norwegian side Brumunddal IBK's G13 team.
– Incredibly fun to hear that we were the first foreign team to sign up. We are already looking forward to another trip to Gothenburg in January 2025. We have actually been waiting for the opening and have been set to play since we left Gothenburg in January, says coach Christian Andersen.
He believes that it is very rewarding to participate in Gothia Cup Innebandy.
– It's a fantastically fun tournament. It is large but at the same time so professionally executed that it progresses smoothly through a good long weekend. The variety of halls is also exciting from year to year. The absolute best thing is to travel as a team and meet other teams that we don't meet in regular league play.
Even though there are many months to go, they are already looking forward to the start of the tournament.
– We travel with about 20 girls in the G13 team and primarily build culture and teams on trips like this, the results often come as a consequence of this. We constantly take sporting steps and have the ambition to raise our level sportingly for the upcoming tournament, both physically and technically so that we take new steps towards a fun, efficient and modern floorball, he says.
2024 ended with victory in the B final for the G12 team. Now they have a spot in the A playoffs as their goal.
– The girls themselves aim high. The coaching staff is more concerned with progress and development. Then we know that a tournament is a tournament and that we would need to have a little pole in it to go far in terms of results, says Christian Andersen.

Lindås IBK.
Ci85 Carlshamn IBK.


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