The goal machines Landvetter IBK Wings: "Often score many goals"

Landvetter IBK Wing's B14 team is flying ahead in the tournament. Now they are in the quarter-finals - and they're going for victory.

Olle Zetterstedt scored four goals in the first period when Landvetter IBK Wings beat back Genarp IBK 13-3 in Partille Arena on Saturday afternoon. They are now through to the quarter-finals.
– We will make sure to win the tournament, says Olle Zetterstedt.

Landvetter IBK Wings has had a strong tournament and lined up victories. In the 1/8 final against Genarp IBK, they started off really well and gained a 7-1 lead. In the second period, they continued to scoure goals. When the final whistle sounded, it was 13-3 on the scoreboard.
– It felt good. We played very well and scored a lot of balls. When we roll the ball and create our chances, we score a lot of goals. It happens quite often like that, says Olle Zetterstedt.

In the first period he scored a total of four goals and he then also contributed with assists.
– I got to play with good players. It's easier to score goals then, he says humbly.
Do you usually score this many goals?
No, it doesn't usually happen very often. It is usually the teammates who score the most goals. I had flow today. It felt nice.
Which goal are you most satisfied with?
– I'm happy with all the goals, he says and flashes a big smile.
What do you think about your chances in the tournament?
– If we play well and play as a team, then we have good chances. Everyone really wants to win and we have played with each other for a very long time and know each other. We have never played the Gothia Innebandy Cup before. It's a lot of fun to play here. It's fun to face foreign teams and many good teams, says the teenager.

At 21.00 on Saturday night, it's time for the quarter-final they're all waiting for. The match is played in Lundbystrand 5.


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