The G18 champion: "The atmosphere was superb"

The captain Sofia Wimmerstedt is so happy about Lindås IBK’s impressive victory in the tournament.

Lindås IBK’s G18 team won the A final against FBC Engelholm with four goals to one in Partille Arena. The effort in the final was a great comeback from the defeat against the same team in the group stage. Sofia Wimmerstedt couldn’t be happier about their turnaround in Gothia Innebandy Cup 2024.

Lindås IBK struggled early in the tournament but after the third match, they found momentum and won four straight matches. They were the better team in the entertaining final.
– It was great. We had a lot of fun. It was great winning the tournament. It feels amazing right now. We had a lot of fun and great positivity. Everyone had great energy. It was really fun, says Sofia Wimmerstedt.

They celebrated the victory together in the team.
– We celebrated in the dressing room and then in the evening we had dinner together. The atmosphere was superb. Everyone was very happy.
What do you think about Gothia Innebandy Cup as a tournament?
– I think that the tournament is great fun. It's fun with many matches and that there are many teams involved.
What is the next step for you now in floorball?
– I don't know. Right now it’s just to have fun. Now at the end of the season, we want to get to Innebandyfesten with the JAS team, says the captain of Lindås IBK.


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