The elite goalie Kalle Lundgren arranges training for goalkeepers

The SSL merited goalkeeper Kalle Lundgren will have a goalkeeper school.

Kalle Lundgren himself has played in both the Gothia Innebandy Cup and in the Swedish top division SSL. During the tournament in January, the elite goalkeeper will arrange a goalkeeper school.

Kalle Lundgren is 22 years old and is a goalkeeper in FBC Lerum in the Allsvenskan. But as recently as last season he represented Pixbo Wallenstam in the SSL. Therefore, he has a lot of knowledge to teach young goalkeepers.
– The goalkeeper school will contain some tips and tricks for the goalies; for example which physical parts are important for a goalkeeper, different types of movements and when you can use them. We will be at the heart of the Gothia Innebandy Cup: Valhalla, says Kalle Lundgren.

He urges all goalkeepers who have a drive to develop to participate.
– My goal is that every individual who participates feels that they can take something further with them in their career as a goalkeeper, says the keeper.
Also at the latest edition in 2020, he had a school for goalkeepers.
– That's correct. It will be incredibly fun to meet driven goalkeepers from different parts of the floorball world, especially when it was so appreciated last time, says Kalle Lundgren.

He himself has gained positive experiences from participating in the Gothia Innebandy Cup as a junior.
– I can't remember that we had the privilege of lifting the trophy, but it was very instructive to meet completely new teams and new players. It was very educational. I think the atmosphere itself is the best, everyone breathes and lives floorball. It was very cool to experience that! says the 22-year-old.

During the tournament in January, there will be opportunities to participate in the goalkeeper school on four occasions, two on Thursday and two on Friday (times will be announced later). Registration information will be sent out to registered teams with accommodation after the game schedule is published and there is a limited number of places.


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