Pixbo Wallenstam made an impressive comeback in the final

They are the champions of the G15 series!

Pixbo Wallenstam stood for an impressive turnaround, when they won the final in the G15 series against CL98IC.
- We kept on supporting each other, says Moa Pettersson, a player for Pixbo.

The match was close from the very beginning. Both teams created chances and pushed for a breakthrough. After a while CL98IC got it, and they took the lead. Therefore, they had the advantage going into halftime, but the match was far from over.

The second half took off where the first ended, and it was still a very close contest. Pixbo continued to try to find the equalizer, and CL98IC searched for the goal that would extend their lead. After six minutes of the second half, they did just that, extended their lead.

But Pixbo kept fighting, and soon they would be rewarded. In just a matter of minutes, they first reduced the deficit to 2-1, before they levelled the game shortly after. Both goals were scored by Moa Pettersson. The goals meant that the final would be decided with penalties.

After a long and nerve-wracking penalty shootout, Pixbo came out as winner in the end.
- It feels so good. We kept on supporting each other, and I am so proud that we managed to turn the match around, says Moa Pettersson, the MVP of the final.

How are you going to celebrate tonight?
- We are going to hang out all evening, and just celebrate this as hard as we can, she says.



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