Martin from the Czech Republic: "Floorball is my life"

Martin Koudelka is a goalkeeper for Bulldogs Brno's B18 team.

Martin Koudelka is a talented goalkeeper from the Czech Republic. He can't imagine a life without floorball.
– Floorball is my life, says the 17-year-old.

We meet him after Bulldogs Brno's 8-2 victory against Rödovre Floorball Club from Denmark at Valhalla.
– It was a good game. We won this quarterfinal and reached the semifinal, so the whole team is happy. It wasn’t the easiest game as we conceded two goals, but we're through and are happy that we can play against Pixbo Wallenstam in the semifinal, says Martin Koudelka.

They lost against Pixbo Wallenstam later, but they're still very happy with their Gothia Innebandy Cup experience.
– I like the tournament too much. I think that it’s the biggest floorball tournament in the world so I really enjoy it, says the 17-year-old goalkeeper.
They also had a mascot, a man dressed in a bulldog costume.
– Haha, yeah. We’re happy that he’s going here with that on and he enjoys the time with us.

Martin Koudelka and his teammates had lots of fun in Gothenburg.
– We play some card games and we go to see other matches. We enjoy it as a team.
Hockey is a popular sport in the Czech Republic, but they didn't have enough time to watch a hockey game when they were here. They focused one hundred percent on the floorball. The sport means a lot to Martin.
– Floorball is my life. I have loved it since my childhood. I love it so much.
He has big dreams in floorball.
– I dream about playing for the Czech Republic and winning the World Championship with the national team.

He has other interests, but floorball is number one for him.
– I like cars and I like to play games with my friends and going outside with them.
How big is floorball in your home town Brno?
– I think it’s like the third biggest sport after hockey and football. Maybe the second, because football and floorball have like the same size, says Martin Koudelka.

Best of luck, Martin!


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