Lucie scored in the B15 final: ”I’ve played with boys for my whole career”

The 14-year-old girl Lucie Svajcrova was one of the match winners when FBC Ceska Lipa from the Czech Republic won the B15 final in the Gothia Innebandy Cup in January.

To play with boys is not unusual for the goal machine.
– I’ve played with boys for my whole career, which is almost seven years, says Lucie Svajcrova.

She’s a great talent. Lucie Svajcrova has produced 120 points (!) in 30 matches in the Czech Republic this season. She loved the experience in Gothia Innebandy Cup.
– Since the first day, our whole team had the same goal. We wanted to play our best floorball and bring home a medal. We were enjoying the tournament since we came and had a really great time in Gothenburg, says the 14-year-old.
FBC Ceska Lipa advanced to the final. Lucie Svajcrova scored the opening goal in the final against Linköpings IBK and gave her team an amazing start.
– During the whole tournament I struggled with low efficiency and didn't score many goals. When I broke this in final, it was an indescribable feeling. When I scored the goal, I was really happy, but I knew that we still had to focus and finish the job, she says.

They went up 3-0 and eventually won by three goals to two. The players were really happy afterwards.
– Unfortunately, there was no time for a big celebration of the gold medal, because we had a long way home, but I still think everyone enjoyed it!
Her dad Milan was very proud.
– We were at the Gothia Innebandy Cup with the whole family. It was a unique experience and a wonderful atmosphere, he says.

Lucie Svajcrova has played with boys for almost seven years.
– It's faster, more physical and a different type of floorball overall compared to playing with girls. I can use things I've learned while playing with boys against girls and that gives me an advantage.
Lucie describes herself as an offensively skilled player.
– I like to stay at the end of actions and finish them. I think my biggest strength is that when I get the ball, I just want to go to attack and arrange a goal, no matter if I shoot or pass.
Her next goal is to get selected for the youth national team.
– It’s my nearest goal. Of course I have a couple of another goals, but this one is the most important for me right now.
Can you see yourself return to Sweden as a professional?
– I can imagine to return to Sweden some day as a professional, but we will see how my career will go, says the very talented player.


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