”It’s important to have a good attitude”

Celebrate The Game has been introduced in the Gothia Innebandy Cup in collaboration with Länsförsäkringar.

Celebrate the Game is a fair play project that Gothia Innebandy Cup runs together with Länsförsäkringar, to create a better environment and a better climate for everyone, on and off the pitch. ”This is only a game” is one of Celebrate The Game's important messages.

This means that players, leaders and parents should respect each other all the time and remind each other about how important it is to behave in the right way. Together we can create an even better environment on and off our pitches. Nils Fröman in Munka-Ljungby IBK’s B12 team thinks it’s important to remember that this is "just" a sport.
– It’s really important with fair play. I think it’s a lot of fair play in the Gothia Innebandy Cup. The players are nice to each other. You don't want to be cocky towards coaches, opponents or referees. It’s important to have a good attitude, says Nils Fröman.

He thinks it’s so much fun to be in Gothenburg with his team and other like-minded people who love floorball.
– The funniest things with the Gothia Innebandy Cup are to hang with your friends and to win games with the team. It’s a really nice tournament. It’s a good event and it’s great to be here, says the talented youngster, who has scored seven goals in the tournament.
Nils Fröman has a big dream in floorball.
– I dream about playing for the Swedish national team, he says.


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