"I want to give these keepers an oppurtunity"

The goalkeeping classes was a massive success once again

The goalkeeping classes are back this year. The popular segment lured over 30 goalkeepers to Kviberg Arena on Friday.

On Friday, goalkeeper Kalle Lundgren came to Kviberg to educate his goalkeeping knowledge to the next goalkeeper generation.
- This is the fourth time I have been here. I love to see young goalkeepers having fun and trying to find their goalkeeping style and find new ways to play the sport, Kalle says.

Victor Strandberg, 14, goalkeeper at Pixbo Wallenstam thinks that the school for goalkeepers is a good idea.

Victor has played floorball for seven years and has been a keeper for as long.  
- I tried to play goalkeeper once in 2017, and I liked it so I decided to continue as a keeper.

What is your goal with floorball? Vad har du för mål med innebandyn?
- My ambition is to become a goalkeeper in the Swedish first division in the future, Victor says.

The goalkeeping coach reckons this is an excellent opportunity for all the young goalkeepers, and proudly takes on this task.
- I want to help these young goalkeepers improve. I give them a chance which I never had, by being their goalkeeping coach. Growing up as a young goalkeeper I never had a goalkeeping coach, he says.

What is the best thing about this job?
- The best thing is to hang around with the kids, but it is also that you see much of yourself in these young goalkeepers. As I said I did not have a goalkeeping coach growing up when I was at their age, so this is my chance to give these kids an opportunity I never had. That is probably the best thing about this job, Kalle says.


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