Gothia Innebandy Cup 2024 was a success: "A magical experience"

Gothia Innebandy Cup 2024 cannot be summed up as anything other than a success.

The tournament was filled with joy and had Kviberg Arena as new main center.
– We want to thank everyone involved - all players, leaders, parents, referees and crew members - for four fantastic days, says the tournament director Lena Rönnefors.

421 teams from seven countries played this year over 1 300 matches in Gothia Innebandy Cup. In total, over 7 500 goals were scored. Passion, joy, community and wonderful commitment permeated the tournament's four days.
– This year's tournament was a success on several levels. We attracted more teams than in previous years and took a big step in terms of arrangements for next year's 30th anniversary of the tournament. Now hard and fun work awaits so we can make sure that Gothia Innebandy Cup 2025 will be an anniversary year that no one wants to miss, says Gothia Innebandy Cup's tournament director Lena Rönnefors.

This year Valhalla Sporthallar was replaced by Kviberg Arena as the main center of the tournament.
– Kviberg Arena, with Prioritet Serneke Arena close by, gave Gothia Innebandy Cup a new dimension and a facelift. The two brand new halls attracted thousands of people during the tournament days. During the finals day, it became extra special, when the two halls were rebuilt into a large finals arena with room for a large audience. It made the experience on and off the field exactly what we were looking for - a magical experience, says Lena Rönnefors.


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