Gothia Cup Innebandy – an unforgettable experience

Gothia Cup Innebandy 2025 will be the 30th time that we arrange the tournament. Why not sign up for the anniversary tournament in good time, to make sure to get a spot?

Now we will tell you why it’s a good choice.
– It’s definitely one of the best things our team has ever experienced, says the Gothia Cup Innebandy champion Linda Fuchsova.

You register your teams at When you register your team, you also choose if you want to stay at a school or a hotel. Linda Fuchsova really liked to stay in a school.
– It wasn’t the first time our team lived in a school because on other tournaments, for example Brno Open Game, in the Czech Republic we’ve done it as well. I’d say it’s always a typical feature of those tournaments and you have so much fun when there is a whole team in one room! says the talented teenager.

All teams are entitled to play a group stage, then you get to play at least one game in the A- or B-playoffs, depending on your position in the group stage. Because of this, you and your teammates get to experience a lot of different opponents and different kind of matches, which develop yourself as a player and make you better as a team. You also get to visit some amazing arenas in Gothenburg. And from this year, there will also be an opening ceremony.
– It was a great tournament. I think I didn’t expect it to be this good, of course I was excited but considering the fact that we won and a lot of other experiences I have from that tournament, it was even better than I expected it to be, says Linda Fuchsova.

She won the tournament with Black Angels G16 team from the Czech Republic. She will never, ever, forget that moment.
– Obviously the best moments were the win and the celebrations right after the final match and all the emotions around it. The feeling of succeeding is one of the best feelings ever, mainly in the team sports because you can share the excitement with the whole team and those are the best memories. But undeniably I have so many other memories that are connected to Gothenburg thanks to Gothia Cup Innebandy, that I can’t even count them all!

Of course, the players and teams come to Gothenburg to play floorball but through the tournament there are opportunities and even some free time for other stuff. For example, you can visit the amusement park Liseberg, go shopping or attend an SSL match or an ice hockey match.
– I think it’s great because those are things that make the best memories so once you add it up to the list of great memories I already had mentioned, it all just grows even bigger and a bit better. A person wouldn’t believe how good it all can turn out in the end. I’m really grateful for being able to experience Gothia Cup Innebandy, it’s until now definitely one of the best things our team has ever experienced! says Linda Fuchsova.

The anniversary tournament will be played from the 3rd to the 6th of January 2025. What are you waiting for? Register your teams HERE!


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