Fritsla IF: 10th time at Gothia Innebandy Cup

They look forward to return in the future.

For Fritsla IF this was the tenth time they were participating in Gothia Innebandy Cup, but nothing indicates that this was the last time.

Fritsla IF celebrated 10 years at Gothia Innebandy Cup this year. It did not disappoint Mikael Andersson, coach for Fritsla IF’s B17 team.
- It has been a fantastic experience. We stayed at a nice school and had a great layout with the buses, so we are happy with this visit, Mikael says.

Mikael praises the cup and reckons it is a great event and a great experience for the players.
- It is a great arrangement. The boys think it is exciting to play against teams from different countries and other parts of Sweden. It brings a new dimension to the sport compared to the normal cups, he says.

What is the most important thing about Gothia Innebandy Cup according you?
- The thing that I like is that the team gets a great experience. It gives a great togetherness, which I reckon is valuable.

After many years of waiting, Martin and his B17 team were in Gothenburg to play the cup for the first time last year. Their debut became a big success.
- I was here with the team for the first time last year. The plan was that we should have come here three years ago, but then it got canceled because of covid-19. So it was nice to finally participate last year, and we had a great time which made us return this year.  


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