Ferdinand dreams about playing in the Swedish top division

Ferdinand Tomasek from the Czech Republic has a big dream.

Ferdinand Tomasek is a key player in Kanonyri Kladno’s B16 team. The Gothia Innebandy Cup winning defender is in love with Sweden.
– I hope that I will play in the SSL in Sweden someday, says the 16-year-old.

In the Gothia Innebandy Cup, they defeated the fellow Czech Republican team FBC Pitbulls Kolin with 4-1 in the quarterfinal.
– I would say that it was a pretty hard match because we didn’t know what to expect. I know one player in the other team but we haven’t met them before. The opponent was pretty good but we started of strong and played like a team, says Ferdinand Tomasek after they booked their place in the semifinal.
“The final is waiting”, says a teammate. And yeah, they also won the semifinal against FK Florko Kosice from Slovakia.
– We’re aiming for the gold medal. We hope that we will get there, says Ferdinand Tomasek.
Later they won the whole tournament. They defeated CL98IC after a dramatic penalty shootout in the final. Ferdinand scored the winning penalty.
– It’s fantastic. I have never won a tournament before in my life, so this is big. I have an unreal feeling right now. Now we will celebrate on the bus home, we will probably be singing and dancing a lot of the time. We’re so happy, says the hero after the final.

He has played floorball for about ten years. He doesn’t play hockey like their home town’s big idol Jaromir Jagr and many others in Kladno.
– It’s of course a lot of hockey players in Kladno. Floorball is not that popular in the Czech Republic and Kladno but we have quite a few players. I think that the sport is getting bigger and more players are starting to play.
Ferdinand likes Sweden and Gothenburg a lot.
– It’s amazing here in Gothenburg. I love it here. The best youth players of the world are here, so it’s amazing. I think that the matches are pretty good because it’s a high quality. I really enjoy it. And we live at a pretty and very good school. We have good food here, so it’s fine, says the talented defender.

Marek Benes is his role model. Marek played for Pixbo Wallenstam in Sweden for two seasons between 2019 and 2021. Ferdinand wants to follow in his idol's footsteps.
– I hope that I will play in the SSL in Sweden someday. And I hope that I will be in the national team for the Czech Republic in the future. I think I can be a pretty good player.
The teenager thinks that more teams from the Czech Republic should take the chance and participate in the Gothia Innebandy Cup.
– It’s amazing. I love the tournament and it’s an amazing experience. I hope that we will come back, maybe next year, says Ferdinand Tomasek.


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