FBC Liberec with the last victory in Gothia Innebandy Cup this year

FBC Liberec won against FbC Hradec Králové with 5–3 in the B16 final.

Czech derby between FBC Liberec and FbC Hradec Králové was expected in the B16 final – a match that also ended the tournament at the Kviberg Arena.

In the B16 final, a Czech derby between FBC Liberec and FbC Hradec Králové awaited. Before the match, FBC Liberec had won all seven of their matches en route to the final, FbC Hradec Králové had won six out of seven.
It was FBC Liberec who started best. The team scored both 1–0 and 2–0 before the clock had reached six minutes into the first half. But alas for those who give up – FbC Hradec Králové responded with two quick goals, both in the ninth minute of the match. But one minute before half-time, Filip Šťastný was able to make it 3-2 to FBC Liberec, who could thus go into the half-time break with a 3-2 lead.
In the second half, FBC Liberec was able to extend the lead to 4–2 through Kristián Ctirad Šroll. And there was no shortage of goalscoring chances thereafter. Both the teams lined up chances, but the match ended 5–3 to FBC Liberec, who are thus crowned the last winners of the Gothia Innebandy Cup - and that in the B16 series.
- Surprising because we didn't expect to win the tournament. We are very happy, we are always very happy but it is a special moment. I really want to thank my teammates and my coaches, says Daniel Vik in Liberec and awarded Player of the Match.


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