"We often talk about playing in a fair way"

Celebrate The Game is an important part of Gothia Innebandy Cup.

Celebrate the Game is a fair play project that Gothia Innebandy Cup runs to create a better environment and climate for everyone, on and off the pitch. "This is youth floorball" is one of Celebrate The Game's important messages.

This means that players, leaders, and parents are asked to behave in the true spirit of fair play during the tournament. One team that praises fairplay is Hjulsbro IK’s G15 team.
- I like the idea of fair play. We usually speak about playing fair and showing respect to the opponents. I think this was a fair match, says Alicia Sundin, captain for Hjulsbro IK.
- I love it here, and I like the whole tournament as an event, she says.

Hjulsbro IK started the tournament impressively, and on Friday morning they started their strong start by playing 3-3 against IBF Dalen.
- We were a bit shaky in the beginning, but we grew into the match, and we are happy with the result.
- It has been a great start for us in the cup, and we have really good team spirit, Alicia says.

The tempo of the matches is the best thing about the sport if you ask Alicia.
- I like playing fast and tough matches, when there is a high tempo and loads of stuff happening, she says.


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