Coaching the team gives her more energy in everyday life

Lina Hasselberg has coached FBC Karlskrona's G12 team since the players were six years old.

Lina Hasselberg has been a coach of the girls in FBC Karlskrona's G12 team since they started. Now she has more energy in everyday life.
– It has given me so much to be able to make this trip with them, she says.

The leader of FBC Karlskrona's G12 team has always been passionate about floorball. So when Lina Hasselberg got the chance to coach the team, she took it. Something she hasn't regretted for a second. Despite matches and training several days a week, she believes that she wouldn't have been able to cope with everyday life without floorball. She herself played for the same club as a youngster, and when her daughter wanted to start playing floorball, she decided to become the coach of the team together with her husband and two other parents.
– There is such a good community, both among the girls and us leaders, that I get energy from being with them, she says.

Seeing the players develop is also a driving force for Hasselberg, who has coached the now twelve-year-old girls since they were six years old.
– It's super fun to be able to follow their development from when they were six years old and "rode horses" at the sticks, until now when they play big tournaments like the Gothia Innebandy Cup, she says.

Although it takes a lot of energy to travel to Gothenburg and be away for several days, it benefits the group. The girls think it's great fun to have the opportunity to play and spend time with each other, so Lina Hasselberg and the other leaders try to go as often as possible to camps and meetings.
– It means a lot for the girls to do something like this, it's more than just floorball. So it's clear you want to continue when you see how happy they are.
There is also a large group of parents who have followed up to Gothenburg to see the girls play the Gothia Innebandy Cup. Hasselberg says that the team wouldn't have been able to function if it weren't for their sacrifices.
– It's an incredible turnout and really rewarding to be able to join and lead this group, she says.


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