CL98IC is one of the most loyal participants at Gothia Innebandy Cup

In 2021 CL98IC were going to celebrate 20 years as participants at Gothia Innebandy Cup, but due to the pandemic the tournament had to cancel so the club will celebrate their anniversary in January, 2022.

Just like many other clubs the pandemic has affected CL98IC from Kalmar. When the sport centers closed for two months the situation for the club was very tough, but when they reopened more or less all the CL98IC teams were back practicing in no time. The club has been able to keep most of their players even though the sport centers have been closed and there have been restrictions for practicing and playing matches.

The club, CL98IC, focuses on that everyone that want to play floorball should get to do so. They also focuses on educating their players who wish to become elite players so that they have the right tools for a successful floorball career. In 2011 the elit teams from CL98IC were combined with Färjestandens IBK and together they became FBC Kalmarsund. The youth teams carried on in CL98IC, since then their new elite teams, both the ladies' and mens' teams, has gone from division 4 to division 1. The club has set a goal that all the elit players should come from their own youth teams, and so far this has been very successful. Right now the club has 29 youth teams in 20 age classes and a para floorball team.

The former elite player, Johan Wittberg is developer at CL98IC, he quit playing after the season 2019/2020 and now his focus is on giving youths the opportunity to a meaningful and active leisure time, preferably by playing floorball. Johan has participated in Gothia Innebandy Cup four times and he remembers it with happiness.

We played Gothia Innebandy Cup with my old 1987 team four times between 2002-2006. We never advanced very far but I played with the 1984 team one of the years, then we advanced to the final but lost big to Södra Sandby. - Johan Wittberg, developer at CL98IC

The boys 2004 team that won Gothia Innebandy Cup 2019

To participate in Gothia Innebandy Cup is a great deal to CL98IC, who usually travels to Gothenburg with 10-15 teams. Right now they have 13 teams registered for 2022 but the clubs goal is 15 teams. For Johan, it is beside the victories, the meetings with other and all the friends he has made thanks to the floorball that is the greatest happiness and memories. He sees the trip to Gothenburg and Gothia Innebandy Cup as an opportunity to give the same to the club's youth players.

It is a very important part of our club community, especially since the teams are staying together and both girl's and boy's players from all ages meet in the hallways. We also have many parents and supporters who travels to Gothenburg to attend the all the matches, so there is usually a lot of cheering from the sands at CL98IC's matches at Gothia Innebandy Cup. - Johan Wittberg, developer at CL98IC

Many of the club's teams has been playing tournaments since it's been allowed again, but now they all look forward to Gothia Innebandy Cup this winter.


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