Both title and national team selection for Linda

Linda Fuchsová had a super week in Gothenburg.

Linda Fuchsová plays for the G16 team Black Angels from the Czech Republic. She both won the Gothia Innebandy Cup and got selected for the youth national team during her week in Gothenburg.
– I truly live for moments like this, she says.

The day before the start of the Gothia Innebandy Cup, the floorball federation in the Czech Republic announced that Linda Fuchsová and her teammate Agáta Procházková have been selected for matches with the junior national team in February.
– It was great news for me obviously, as someone who is trying to achieve something bigger in their floorball career. Being selected was always one of my biggest dreams and it's always the best feeling, says Linda Fuchsová.
The matches in Hradec Králové won't be her first with the national team though.
– My premiere was last October on Euro Floorball Tour in Uppsala. But honestly? I think that even players who are in the national teams for a longer time, are still feeling the pleasure to play for their nation and represent their country. It’s really something that you can never get tired of and you always appreciate it on the highest level.

Then, the Gothia Innebandy Cup started and the Black Angels played really well.
– It was an amazing experience, I’ll definitely not forget it. We had so much fun with our team, not only on the field but obviously also between the matches. I think we didn’t even expect it to be this good, says the teenager.
They reached the G16 final. They faced Jönköpings IK from Sweden and it couldn't get much better for Linda Fuchsová and Black Angels. She scored their three first goals in the final and they won the final by five goals against two. How she felt after the hattrick?
– Well, that is really hard to explain but let’s try. Of course it felt amazing. I'm so grateful that I helped my team win the match with this amount of goals. I believe that we deserved it and I even consider each goal as a reward for something we did good on the field. Also it's a visual sign for me that I'm doing something good in my long-term preparation – in trainings etc - which is great, she says.

They're Gothia Innebandy Cup champions. It's something they didn't think would happen a few months before.
– When the registration started, there was such a small amount of players from our team who were interested. We almost didn’t manage to make the application in time. As you could notice, there wasn’t a lot of us. But luckily it was enough to go to the tournament and play all those matches, she says with a smile.
How did you celebrate the title on the bus home to the Czech Republic?
– We sang and we danced. We were so happy, I truly live for moments like this. An amazing bonus was that our G14 team won as well. We all could celebrate together on the way back, says Linda Fuchsová.


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