Ale IBF first team to the final: "Indescribable happiness"

Elsa Nielsen and her teammates in Ale IBF's G17 team are participating in Gothia Innebandy Cup for the first time. At the first attempt, they have reached the final.

Elsa Nielsen scored two goals when Ale IBF beat back Värnamo IK with 3-0 and as the first team advanced to the A final. She is happy about the final place.
– It feels great and incredibly fun, says Ale IBF's hero.

The first period was an even story that remained scoreless. In the second period, Ale IBF was the strongest side. Elsa Nielsen broke the deadlock and then teammate Nellie Lyckner made it 2-0. Elsa Nielsen finished the scoring with her 3-0 goal.
– We played a great match overall. We fought our way through the match all the way. The road to the final has been very good. We haven't lost a match, says Elsa Nielsen.

She is of course also happy about her two goals.
– The goals were very similar to each other. They came after free kicks that we have practiced before and then it was just a matter of putting it there. It was indescribable happiness when the balls went in, she says.
Thanks to the semifinal win, they became the first team to advance to the A final.
– It feels great fun and exciting. Now you look forward to tomorrow. If we continue like today, we just have to go for the gold. We are fighting and have a very good group. We push and toil until the last second.

First participation in the Gothia Innebandy Cup - and they reached the final directly.
– We're very pleased. The victory means a lot. We've had a really fun tournament so far. The gold would be the icing on the cake.
Elsa Nielsen wants to continue playing floorball for a long time.
– I want to go as far as possible and have fun along the way, says the double goal scorer.


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