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§1 General Regulations

Gothia Innebandy Cup will be played in accordance with all applicable parts on the Swedish Floorball Federation (SIBF) rules.

§2 Rules of the game

The competition starts with group play. The teams are divided into groups of five (With uneven number of teams in a category it may happen that some groups contain 6 teams) where all teams will meet in a round robin series. The relative order of the teams in the group stage will be decided by the number of points. Victory gives 3 points, draw 1 point and a lost game 0 points. If two or more teams have the same number of points, the order will be decided as follows:

1. The result of the match/es between team with equal points

a. Number of points
b. Goal difference
c. Highest number of goals scored

2. Goal difference
3. Highest number of goals scored
4. Number of penalty minutes
5. By drawing

Play off

The two first teams in each group will advance to play off A. The other teams in the group will advance to play off B. All play off games will be decided by the cup system, i.e. by direct elimination. A draw in the play off matches applies penalties directly.


Class B11 will be played in accordance with the Swedish Floorball Federation (SIBF) rules for the age group, i.e. there are no tables or play off counting. Instead there will be a group stage with 7 teams in each group. Class B11 play with ordinary size goals, thus without suspensions. In the last match for each team each player will receive a medal.

§3 Age categories 2017:

§4 Playing periods

Group matches: 2 x 15 minutes

Play off: 2 x 20 minutes   

Running clock will apply in all matches. The last minute in play off matches, game time will be effective. If the score difference in a match is 10 goals or more, time will NOT be stopped when scoring or when suspension.

§ 5. Time out

In round robin games, time out is not allowed. In play off and finals one time out of 30 seconds per team and game is allowed.

§6 Number of players and substitutes

A team can use maximum 20 players during a match. There is no limit for number of players that can be present on the list of players. It’s allowed to use players from the same club in the tournament, but NOT in the same age class. The players have to be listed on both teams’ list of players.


§7 Age dispensations

Dispensation will automatically be given to maximum 1 (one) player per squad who is maximum one year over aged. No such dispensations will be given if the club has other team registered in the players age category. Other dispensations can be applied for by filling out and submitting a form. Dispensation form can be found in this link. Players with dispensation may not participate with the team in his own age group.

Note that you can’t use more over aged players by switching them between matches. Younger players can play in older age classes without a dispensation. Girls may play with boys in all classes as long as the regulation for age categories is being followed.

§8 List of players

In order to be allowed to play, all teams must submit the official list of the participant players before their first tournament match. Only the specified players may participate. Supplementation is not permitted after the first match is played.

The list should be submitted online using the  ”Add/edit players” function on the My Team Info page. If you don’t submit it online, you can submit the list of participants to the information desk at Valhalla or to the secretariat of the hall where you play your first match. The list of participants must be submitted an hour before your first game.

§9 Important match details

A written team list from each team must be handed to the referee before every match. No match can begin before this has been done. Failure to do so will result in disqualification or walk over victory for the opposing team.

All team shirts must be numbered and the numbers must correspond to the numbers on the team list. Numbers must be on the back of the shirts. Two players may not use the same number in any given match.

If the referee decides that one team should change shirts due to similarity to the opposing team’s shirts, the team appearing last in the program must change.

The team manager must make sure that his players are adequately insured.

§10 Referees

The referees are selected by the Gothia Innebandy Cup and Göteborg Floorball Fed. Referee committee.

§11 The tournament jury

The jury of the tournament consists of representatives from the Floorball Federation, and Gothia Innebandy Cup. Protests and penalty matters will be handled by the jury. Its written decisions are final and can’t be appealed or changed.

§12 The organization committee

The Gothia Innebandy Cup is organized by BK Häcken.

§13 Protests and penalties

Any and all protest must be made in writing by the team manager no later than 90 minutes after the match is finished. Protests must be delivered to the secretariat, Gothia Valhalla Center. A protest fee of SEK 2000 will be paid at that time. This fee will be returned if the protest is approved.


§14 Match penalty

Match penalty 1 leads to immediate suspension and 2 leads automatically to suspension in the next match. After match penalty 3, the consequence will be decided by the jury. Minimum suspension is one match.

§15 Walk over

Any team not appearing at the appointed time and place for a match without a valid excuse can be excluded from the tournament and all played matches will be annulled.

§16 Playing program

The organization committee has the right to change in the game schedule; the groups, times and courts. Notice about this will be given to every team leader.

§17 School regulations

The schools are provided by the City of Göteborg. Everyone in the schools must obey the posted rules at each school:

Failure to comply with these rules will be dealt with by the jury and may result in exclusion from the tournament and lodgings.

§18 Insurance

Every team leader has to make sure that each participant is insured both on and off the field. The Gothia Innebandy Cup is not responsible for any injuries, sickness or theft.