Gothia Valhalla Center

The heart of the tournament

The heart of the tournament and a meeting place for players, leaders and supporters. The activity center was inaugurated in 2011 and it is located in Valhalla Center. Here you will find not only the Gothia Innebandy Cup central information and result service, but you can also try out several exciting and fun activities and competitions. Here you can purchase snacks and drinks.

Two courts

Beside big activity areas for spontaneous floorball there are matches on two courts in Valhalla. Hall A has a capacity of 800 spectators and in Valhalla B temporary stands for 500 spectators is built as well as a special floorball floor.


In the Gothia Valhalla Center you can find Klubbhuset who sells the latest items for floorball including that years Gothia Innebandy Cup souvenirs. Take time to try out the newest sticks or get your name printed on your shirt.

Event area

In connection to Valhalla B is our event area, where you can play spontaneous floorball or attend any exclusive events happening at the time.