Twice the challenge for Emilynn

The players in USA Floorball Y16 MNT comes from all over the US. They participate in Gothia Innebandy Cup with two teams in the boys classes. Emilynn Williamsson plays in one of them and loves the sport.

Emilynn Williamsson, 15, is part of the team from the United States playing in class B15. They also have a team that plays in B12.

– It is very fun to be here and tough games, she says.

Unlike many other teams, the players in USA Floorball do not come from the same city. They live all over the country, practice on their own and have just started playing together.

– We have some tournaments in the US, that’s where we get to know each other and can play together, says Emilynn.

The team started their journey in Sweden with a camp in Jönköping. Were they played games against KFUM Jönköping.

– We got shown up, but we got good training, says Emilynn.

It wasn’t until 3-4 years ago that she started playing floorball in a team. She played with her siblings a little here and there before that. The love for the sport comes from her father who is from Sweden.

– My dad loves floorball. When he moved to the United States he thought it was sad that he couldn’t play, so he started an adult league. 3–4 years ago he started a children’s league, Orlando Viking, where we play, she says.

She expects many tough games in the tournament and their first game was a hard lost. But their second game was a win.

– It was a great win and it will be a big boost for the whole team, says Emilynn.

This is the first time they are up against teams from other countries. And being in Gothenburg is a great experience.

– The whole team thinks it is very exciting – especially the younger team, she says with a big smile.

Playing against teams from other countries is not the only challenge for Emilynn. She is one of two girls in the team and plays with and against boys.

– I like the challenge, they expect a lot from me and I like that, she says.

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