“The pink wall” that supports its club

The German football team Dortmund is supported during their home games by “The Yellow Wall” – a massive stand filled with supporters dressed in yellow. The equivalent in floorball is found at Vara IBK – “The Pink Wall”.

Behind the teams participating in Gothia Innebandy Cup are a whole bunch of committed parents who support their children. The pink team from the city Vara, about eight miles northeast of Gothenburg, was, to say the least, a clear example of that.
As soon as one of the club’s teams played, there was a pink wall of supporters on the side cheering them on. One of the supporters was Anna Thoresson, mother of two boys playing in the club.
“The players think it’s fun. They didn’t hear us the first match, so we raised our voices even more. I think you get extra pumped as a player”, she says.

The parents have made a supporter jersey with the text “Forza di rosa” (“Forza the pink one’s”), in the same pink color as the players’ match jerseys. A color that makes them hard to miss. Vara IBK participated with teams in the age classes B13, B15 and G15. And no matter which team played, “The Pink Wall” was there to support.
“We try and see everyone’s matches during the tournament. It’s a really good atmosphere, you get a completely different contact within the club when you get to know the parents”, says Anna.

She says they encountered more cheering sections during the tournament, but none as big as theirs. And she is convinced what the support from the side means to the players.
“It means lots, the players get pumped up”, she says.

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