The groups for the tournament are published

The groups for Gothia Innebandy Cup 2020 are published. A total of 470 teams will be a part of next year’s tournament, that is a new record for number of participating teams.

Finally, the grouping is complete and all teams can now see who they will face in the opening matches of the tournament. With record breaking 470 teams from eight different nations, which is a joint record, the group stage contains lots of interesting matchups. Click on the link below to see which opponents your team will face.

The accommodation for the teams that will be staying in schools is also complete, the information is available on My Team Info.

470 teams have now been placed in groups in the 15 different classes. Like 2008 and 2014, teams from eight different nations are represented. Teams from Denmark, the Czech Republic, Norway, Slovakia, Russia, the Netherlands, Sweden and the USA will participate. It will be the first time the tournament has teams from the United States.

The groups are found here.

The game schedule will be published on friday.

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