The club that’s participated every year

Nearly 10,000 kids took part in Gothia Innebandy Cup in early January and around one hundred of them represented Partille Innebandy – the sole club to have participated in all 25 editions of the tournament. “Everyone in the association knows that Gothia Innebandy Cup is fun to play in and has enormous charm,” says the club’s youth manager, Sebastian Idehed. 

Many teams come to Gothia Innebandy Cup each year. For example, this year’s tournament attracted a record 457 teams. Partille Innebandy, which has been in every tournament since the first one in 1994, participated with five teams and also pulled a heavy load in terms of organisation. “For example, we were responsible for three halls and various kiosks. In addition to the fact that it’s a fun tournament to play in, it’s also an important source of income for the association and the respective teams,” says Sebastian Idehed, who has served as youth manager in the association for the past two years.

When asked about his best memories from the tournament, he lists three – in three different roles. “I was there as a player for many years, and my best memory from those days was when we were twelve years old and went all the way to the finals. That was an incredible tournament and we got to meet Finnish and Czech teams on the way to the final. It was awesome to face international opponents at that age.
Two years ago, I coached a team that went to the semifinals and went out on penalties against the top Swedish team. We defeated a really good Czech team on the way and I think the charm of Gothia Innebandy Cup is that you face off against different teams than the ones in the Gothenburg region who you typically meet. It’s a competitive tournament that attracts teams from different countries. Meeting skilled teams that play in a totally different way than what you’re used to is incredibly inspiring. If you want that challenge, then you should play in Gothia Innebandy Cup.”

The last memory he wants to highlight is from this year. “I was hall manager at Katrinelund and I thought it was awesome to get to experience the tournament from this side, too, to integrate with other officials and create good conditions for the participants. That’s a good memory.”

Partille Innebandy has around 350 youth players and Idehed promises that the club will partake in Gothia Innebandy Cup in the future as well. “I am fully convinced that we’ll be there. It’s also at a good time, at the end of the Christmas holiday break. We hope that as many of our teams as possible will take part and play.”

Registration for the 2019 edition of Gothia Innebandy Cup opens on 12 March.

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