Match check-in and team entrance

An extraordinary experience

Prior to each match in Partille Arena A, Åbymässan 1, Lundbystrand 1, ÖHK: Brixlyhallen, Valhalla A, Salming Arena, Prioritet Serneke Arena A, Torpahallen and Sandeklevshallen there will be a team entrance and a short presentation of the match and the teams that will play. 

As a coach, you’ll get information on-site about how players should run in just before the start of the match. This can vary from hall to hall – so it’s important that you as a team always check in when you arrive to the hall. On site there will be officials from Gothia Innebandy Cup to assist you.

We do not want to lose time and create delays. Therefore, it is important that you as a coach gather your players to make sure they are prepared. The run-in including the presentation is expected to take approximately 50 seconds.

Prior to match

Both the home and away team have received instructions at team check-in on how they should line-up before the team entrance.  As a coach, it is important to inform the players that as soon as the final signal from the previous game sounds, they should get ready to line-up for entrance. Before the team lines-up for entrance, all the players have to leave their bags by the team benches.

Team entrance

At the sound of a selected song, the speaker announces the match and makes a short team presentation. When both teams have been presented and the song tempo increases both teams make their entrance as shown above. There will be a Gothia Official on site that will help and give the go-ahead signal for both teams to make the entrance. When the entrance is finished both teams make a quick line-up and directly get ready to start the match.