”Swedish floorball means the world’s best floorball”

Filip Langer is described as the greatest talent ever in Czech floorball. In January, he will join his team Tatran Střšovice and come to Gothenburg to play Gothia Innebandy Cup.
”When we won against Pixbo, the first year I played the tournament, is still my best memory”, Filip Langer says.

He’s only 16 years old but Filip Langer has already made his debut in the Czech senior national team. Although he was too young, he was given a dispensation to play when he was 15 years old. He has also spent a couple of month in the SSL team Pixbo Wallenstam but now he’s back in Czech Republic to finish school.
Anyway, his focus is still a hundred percent to become a top class floorball player. He doesn’t take much notice of the fact that he’s described as the best talent in Czech floorball ever.
”Maybe it’s true, maybe not. But my goal is not to be the best talent, but to play abroad for a longer time and to be one of the national team players”, Filip Langer says.
One step on that journey to develop as a floorball player, is to play Gothia Innebandy Cup in January.
”The only thing I haven’t achieved yet is to win this tournament. But it’s maybe more about spending time with the team and having fun during the games against new opponents. The most specific thing about Gothia Innebandy Cup is to face foreign teams, because in the regular season you play against the same teams all the time.”
Swedish floorball means something extra to him.
”It means the world’s best floorball. I don’t think you need more words to describe it.”

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