She celebrates her birthday with the premier of a new class

Sussi Fensholt plays the Gothia Innebandy Cup for the fourth time – and celebrates her birthday in Gothenburg for the fourth time. This year, the celebration began with the opening game in the new class for seventeen-year-olds.

It was time for Sveiva Innebandy Club, girls 17, to play their first game of this year’s tournament during Friday morning. Sussi Fensholt is part of the team and started the tournament by celebrating her fifteenth birthday.

– I love playing floorball so it’s perfect to celebrate my birthday here, she says.

This is the fourth time Sussi is playing the Gothia Innebandy Cup. Since the tournament is always played on the same date, it has become four birthdays in Gothenburg for her.

– For some years we have been sitting on the bus on our way down, it is a bit more boring. Last year we won all our games when it was my birthday, it was more fun, she says.

Her first game of the year was in the new class for seventeen-year-olds. A close game against FBC Pitbull’s Kolin from the Czech Republic. A game that ended 1–1.

– We were a little slow in the beginning, but we played better in the second period and created good chances, says Sussi.

Sussi Fensholt, to the right, with her teammates Sara Berntzen, to the left, and Rebecka Härnlund, in the middle.

Teammate Sara Berntzen agrees that the team did not get the best start of the game.

– It was difficult to play on the floor. We are not used to parquet floor, so it was a bit slippery, she says.

Unlike Sussi, Sara plays her first Gothia Innebandy Cup. But both agree that the happenings around the games is the most fun.

– The social is the most fun, the games are a bonus, says Sussi.

Sveiva Innebandyklubb comes from Olso in Norway and are participating with six teams in the tournament. They have teams in classes B12, B14, G14, B15, B17, G17. Sussi mainly belongs to their team in G14 and after the game with the seventeen year olds the birthday celebration continued with a win and a goal with the G14 team.

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