Recap of the finals at Valhalla A

It was excitement in the air all the way – the finals of Gothia Innebandy Cup at Valhalla A treated us with lots of chills.

G13: FBC Engelholm – Lindås Rasta IBK 1-2

FBC Engelholm started the match by doing a very nice goal. But a few minutes later the team accidentally made an own goal and the excitement started to rise. Lindås Rasta IBK scored a goal with a few minutes left in the game and that was when the game score was set. Lindås Rasta IBK became the winners of Gothia Innebandy Cup.

MVP: Carolina Peil (Lindås Rasta IBK)

Interview with Lindås Rastas goalkeeper Elin Normén (Swedish)


G14: Hjulsbro IK – Pixbo Wallenstam IBF 6-1

Hjulsbro IK owned the game against Pixbo Wallenstam and scored sig goals. It was a tough game and Pixbo Wallenstam fought until the end and succeeded to do a nice goal when the game was almost over.

MVP: Fanny Sandell (Hjulsbro IK)

Interview with Team Captain of Hjulsbro IK, Saga Jarhall (Swedish)


B14: CL98IC – IBK Kungälv 3-2

The supporters of both teams had took place by the venue before the beginning of the game and they were about to see a very exciting game between CL98IC and IBK Kungälv. In the first half of the first period Kungälv had scored two goals, but the team from Kalmar succeeded to reduce the game with 3-2.

MVP: Oliver Wisth (CL98IC)

Interview with MVP Oliver Wisth of CL98IC


B15: Jönköpings IK 1 – Lindås Rasta IBK 2-1

The game between Jönköpings IK and Lindås Rasta IBK involved a lot of excitement. No goals had been scored when the bell rang to end the first period and you could feel the tension in the air. The first goal was made by Jönköpings IK a few minutes later into the second period and only a short time later they scored their second goal. Lindås Rasta IK scored their first and only goal when the game was almost over. And when the bell rang Jönköpings IK stood as winners of Gothia Innebandy Cup.

MVP: Max Dahlén (Jönköpings IK)

Interview with MVP Max Dahlén of Jönköpings IK

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