Recap of the finals at Gothia Arena (Valhalla B)

The finals from Gothia Arena gave us two winners from Sweden and two from Czech Republic. It was close games, a lot of emotions and some really nice goals. The arena was fully packed with a great audience, a perfect way to end the tournament! 

G12: FBI Tullinge – Pixbo Wallenstam IBF 1-2

A really tight game started the finals at Gothia Arena. Pixbo Wallenstam IBF manage to score after two minutes but FBI Tullinge equalized the game. Both team played great floorball with lots of good passes. In the end Pixbo was the stronger team for the day and Meja Danielsson scored the winning 1-2 goal.

MVP: Liza Berglund (Pixbo Wallenstam)

Interview with Meja Danielsson (in Swedish)

B12: Panthers Praha 1 – CL98IC Blå 8-3

What a show the teams gave us! A lot of goals and some really nice ones. Panthers Praha got a quick lead with 2-0 and just kept on going. CL98IC got closer in the middle of the game when they scored both 5-2 and 5-3 in a few minutes. But Panthers extended the lead and won with 8-3. It was a great atmosphere around the floor with a huge and loud audience!

MVP: Matyás Borek (Panthers Praha)

Interview with Mark Urban player in Panthers Praha


B13: TJ Znojmo LAUFEN CZ – Gransholms IF 6-0

The third game was quite close in the first period with a led for TJ Znojmo with 2-0 after twenty minutes. Gransholms IF had some counter-attacks in the beginning of the second period but didn’t manage to score. Znojmo had most of the possession, controlled the game and scored four goals in the second period. An impressive game from Znojmo that kept a clean sheet.

MVP: Jakub Cech (TJ Znojmo)

Interview with TJ Znojmos goalkeeper Jakub


G15: IBK Lund – Pixbo Wallenstam IBF 3-7

It was an exciting game between IBK Lund and Pixbo Wallenstam IBF. Lund scored the first goal but Pixbo scored two quick goal just a few minutes later. Pixbo got a good flow and extended their lead to 1-7. But Lund gave the game some nerv when they scored both 2-7 and 3-7 within a few seconds with six minutes left to play. Pixbo had to use a time-out and manage to control the rest of the game. They won the tournament for the fourth time in a row!

MVP: Angelica Prytz (Pixbo Wallenstam)

Interview with team captain Alice Petersson

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