Other playing courts

Experience several areas

Each year Gothia Innebandy Cup is played on between 25 and 30 different courts. The biggest arena is Lundbystrand with five full size courts. ÖHK-hallen has three courts and Prioritet Serneke Arena and Gothia Valhalla Center two each. In 2019 we expanded to Partille and matches and in 2020 matches were for the first time held at Åby Arena in Mölndal.

With the public transportations and Gothia Line you can easily travel between the courts. 


At Partille center there are three courts within walkingdistance, two at the top modern Partille Arena and one in Partillebohallen. Nearby you'll find the shopping mall, Allum, and school accommodations. Gothia Finals are played at Partille Arena during the last day of the tournament. 

Åby Arena

The courts are located in Åbymässan which is a part of the newly built Åby Arena in Mölndal. Here, two high quality courts were built for the first time in 2020. In the building you'll find kiosk, restaurang and a hotel. 


ÖHK-hallen is located in the area Frölunda. Here you'll find three courts, one with stands for the audience. The kiosk is located close to the entrance.