Höllviken IBF has made Gothia Innebandy Cup to an annual tradition

A highlight for the players to look forward to and a community builder for the club. Gothia Innebandy Cup is an annual tradition for Höllviken IBF, from Skåne, Sweden who always travels to Gothenburg with many teams in several different age classes.

Höllviken IBF has always prioritized the social part of the game and has long had the goal that their players, of all ages, have fun and feel joy when they play floorball. Erik Lindkvist is the vice chairman of the club and a loyal participant of Gothia Innebandy Cup. The 2020 tournament was his twelfth in the same number of years and the feeling remains; Gothia Indebandy Cup helps strengthen the community throughout the club.

“We all ride in shared buses and live in the same hotel. When one team does not play, we always try to cheer on the other teams so that everyone gets good support from the stand. So the tournament creates a good community among the teams in the club”, he says.

As a club, Höllviken IBF has grown significantly in recent years. Today it is one of the bigger ones in Skåne and the men’s first team has climbed from division 3 to the Swedish Superligan, something that Erik Lindkvist thinks is associated with the youth academy that has grown. He himself played floorball over 20 years ago, but a lot has happened at that time.

“Then it was a completely different sport than it is today and I see a difference even in Gothia Innebandy Cup. I feel that there are more even matches nowadays and that teams from other countries have developed a lot. The Czech and Slovak teams are very capable, even the Norwegian teams are doing very well”, he says.

For the 2020 tournament, Höllviken IBF came with several teams in different age classes, and although everybody certainly want to lift the trophy, the trip is about so much more. Not least about getting match training against teams outside Skåne and as a spur to do their best.

“Of course it is fun if it goes well in the tournament, then the players come home filled with excitement and eager to perform. But if you lose you will come home with a desire to revenge and think that you will do even better next year. There are very few times I have experienced that the players have come home and been disappointed to the level that they do not want to play anymore. Rather, I feel that we are getting more and more players who want to join the following year”,says Erik Lindkvist.

A lot happens on the spot, but part of the Gothia Innebandy Cup also comes with rested parents home. Something that frames Höllviken IBF’s goal.

“A large part of the players’ parents travels to Gothenburg, which creates a nice community among us. You sit in the evenings and talk through the day and widen your social life very much, which you take home with you”, says Erik Lindkvist.

Registration for next years tournament opens on March 10th

We have barely recovered from this year’s tournament but already we’re looking forward to doing it all again in just under a year. Registration for next year’s tournament opens on March 10th.

When the last final was completed on January 6th, a total of 1476 matches had been played during the four tournament days and that 9601 goals were scored. Tatran Stresovice’s team Red in category B11 was the team that scored the most number of goals. They scored a total of 84 goals during their seven matches. In addition to all goals, we saw lots of great performances, happy children and adolescents and enthusiastic crowds. Next year the tournament will also be played January 3-6 and on March 10th the registration opens.

We look forward to meet again in less than a year!

Thank you all for this years amazing Gothia Innebandy Cup.

A big warm thank you to all 471 teams who participated in this years tournament. Together you played 1476 matches and scored 9601 goals, an average of six and a half goals per game. 

We would also like to take a moment to say thank you to all leaders, volunteers, referees and visitors who made this tournament into a memory that will last a lifetime.

Let’s also give a big round of applause to Växjö IBK who became the best club this year.

We can’t wait to see you again next year!

Interviews from the finals at Partille Arena

The finals at Partille Arena gave the audience everything from a dramatic penalty shootout to a local derby and a lot of goals. It was some tough battles both on and of the rink. Here are the result and interviews with the winning team

G18: FBC Kalmarsund Ungdom – IBK Lund 4-5 (penalty shootout)
Interview with the MVP of the game Minna Karlsson, IBK Lund.

G17: Åkersberga IBF – Hovslätts IK 1-0
Interview with the MVP of the game Tilda Forsling, Åkersberga IBF.

B18: Lindås Rasta IBK – Pixbo Wallenstam IBF 1-3
Interview with the MVP of the game, Pixbo Wallenstam IBF.

G16: Ivanti Tigers Jizni Mesto – Onsala IBK 4-2
Interview with the MVP of the game Karolina Stujová och team captain Michaela Polácková.

B17: Bohemia North – FBC Kalmarsund 6-3
Interview with the MVP of the game Ondrej Kawulok, Bohemia North.

B16: Tatran Stresovice – FbC Hradec Králové 9-0
Interview with team captain Martin Pretl, Tatran Stresovice.

Interviews from the finals in Valhalla A

It was an intense day during the finals in Valhalla A, with packed stands from start to finish. The crowd got to see four well-played matches, all of them with high tempo and with skilled floorball players. See results and interviews with each of the winning teams’ MVP below.

B15: Tatran Stresovice – Lindås Rasta IBK 6-0

Interview with Hugo Konečný

B14: Partille IBS – IBK Höllviken 6-3

Interview with Liam Aruvald (in Swedish)

G14: IBF Älvstranden – Lindås Rasta IBK 3-2

Interview with Lova Sternvik (in Swedish)

G13: Landvetter IBK Wings – Täby FC 2-0

Interview with Nellie Stavås (in Swedish)

Interviews from the finals in Gothia Arena (Valhalla B)

It was packed during all four finals in Gothia Arena and the audience got to see many beautiful goals and skilled individual performances. Here comes results and interviews with the final matches MVP.

G12: Pixbo Wallenstam IBF – Växjö IBK U 1-5

Interview with Nike Ericsson (in swedish)

B12: Kärra IBK – Växjö IBK U Blå 1-6

Interview with Hannes Johansson (in swedish)

B13: Panthers Praha 1 – CL98IC Blå 5-1

Interview with Marek Urban

G15: Pixbo Wallenstam IBF – Fristad GoIF 3-1

Interview with Stina Wiberg (in swedish)

The northern team try their luck in Gothenurg

Röbäcks IF visits Gothia Innebandy Cup for the first time and participates with a team in B14. A team that gets an opportunity to compete against new teams and likes to be in Gothenburg. And the guys agrees on what the best part is.

Two of the players in Röbäcks IF are fourteen-year-olds William Nordin and Alfred Westerlund. The Gothia Innebandy Cup is a chance for them to go up against other teams than they usually do.

– It’s been fun to play against new teams and not the same old team that we play against every weekend, says Alfred Westerlund.

The team comes from Umeå, in the northern parts of Sweden, and has a little more than 800 kilometers to Gothenburg. It means a long journey and some nights away just like for many other teams.

But the players in Röbäcks IF are not too sorry to sleep away. They live at a hotel during the tournament which is popular with players.

– It’s nice to stay in a hotel, says William Nordin.

And Alfred Westerlund agrees that it is not wrong to stay in a hotel.

– It’s new to us, but much nicer than sleeping on mattresses in a school room, he says.

It’s just to hang out at the hotel with the team that has been the best part of the tournament in addition to play floorball. Where they entertain themselves with games in the corridors and some more.

– We usually play loud music, play Fortnite and drinks rehydration, says William Nordin.

William Nordin, to the left, and Alfred Westerlund are happy to be in Gothenburg

Coach Tony Bergström is also pleased with the tournament. He says that they accidentally signed up after winning a sales competition that made it possible for them to go.

– It’s fun to have the opportunity to go down to southern Sweden and measure ourselves against other teams. The whole cup adventure has been good, both the accommodation, the game schedule so we have nothing to complain about, he says.

The goal of the tournament was to play good floorball and get as far as possible. It has been difficult for the coaches to know what awaits the team since they are facing many new teams..

– We have no idea who the opponents is and have googled some of them. So we take one match at a time, says Tony Bergström.

They won their group despite that and the round of sixteen against Sniper’s Bratislava awaits during Sunday night.

– It will be fun to go up against a team from Slovakia, says Tony Bergström.

Twice the challenge for Emilynn

The players in USA Floorball Y16 MNT comes from all over the US. They participate in Gothia Innebandy Cup with two teams in the boys classes. Emilynn Williamsson plays in one of them and loves the sport.

Emilynn Williamsson, 15, is part of the team from the United States playing in class B15. They also have a team that plays in B12.

– It is very fun to be here and tough games, she says.

Unlike many other teams, the players in USA Floorball do not come from the same city. They live all over the country, practice on their own and have just started playing together.

– We have some tournaments in the US, that’s where we get to know each other and can play together, says Emilynn.

The team started their journey in Sweden with a camp in Jönköping. Were they played games against KFUM Jönköping.

– We got shown up, but we got good training, says Emilynn.

It wasn’t until 3-4 years ago that she started playing floorball in a team. She played with her siblings a little here and there before that. The love for the sport comes from her father who is from Sweden.

– My dad loves floorball. When he moved to the United States he thought it was sad that he couldn’t play, so he started an adult league. 3–4 years ago he started a children’s league, Orlando Viking, where we play, she says.

She expects many tough games in the tournament and their first game was a hard lost. But their second game was a win.

– It was a great win and it will be a big boost for the whole team, says Emilynn.

This is the first time they are up against teams from other countries. And being in Gothenburg is a great experience.

– The whole team thinks it is very exciting – especially the younger team, she says with a big smile.

Playing against teams from other countries is not the only challenge for Emilynn. She is one of two girls in the team and plays with and against boys.

– I like the challenge, they expect a lot from me and I like that, she says.

“I’m not good at sitting still”

He’s been both a healthcare provider and a medical manager during Gothia Innebandy Cup. This year Eric Hemmingsson is one of the area managers at Valhalla and he’s happy with the tasks and for the opportunity.
– It’s amazing to see so many young people unite around a sport, he says.

Gothia Innebandy Cup would never be possible without all the dedicated officials on site everywhere in Gothenburg. Many of them come back year after year, either to learn something new or because they simply think the tournament is fun and inspiring. Eric Hemmingsson is back at Gothia Innebandy Cup for the fourth year in a row and belongs in both categories.

– It’s very cool to be part of the players’ experience here, to see so many gather in the same place is just great, he says.

Floorball has been with him for a long time but in different forms. Eric quit as a player when he was 14 years old and began as a referee instead. But during Gothia Innebandy Cup there’s no time for him to referee any games. He has his hands full.

– No, I simply don’t have the time. Right now I’m doing a little bit of everything, but otherwise I keep track of participant lists and teams. Most of the work is about making sure everything goes according to plan, and we’re a good bunch of people who keep track of the situation, he says.

In previous years he’s been both a health care provider and a medical manager, an assignment he also enjoyed. But maybe it was his desire to do as much as possible that made him become an area manager.

– As a healthcare provider there are usually times when you got nothing to do, and I’m bad at sitting still. So it often led me to run around and help out with other things, says Eric Hemmingsson.

Eric has broad experience as an official during events, as a project and event manager. He enjoys the high tempo and is already looking forward to next year’s tournament.

– I would love to be back next year again. It’s a great and fun community, he says.

Win against next door neighbour – now they’re going for gold

Czech FbC Hradec Králové were up against Slovak Snipers Bratislava in a fast paced game on Saturday. The spectators witnessed some really nice goals from both teams. And now the Czechs are going for the gold medal.

It was clearly noticed that this year’s Gothia Innebandy Cup set a record in the number of participating nations during Saturday afternoon. When Slovak Snipers Bratislava were up against Czech FbC Hradec Králové in B16 group 6.

It was a game that offered high tempo and some nice goals. FbC Hradec Králové kicked of the game in the best way and quickly got a 0–3 lead. Even though they had a 1–3 lead in the end of first period, Daniel Kríz was not really satisfied.

– The first period was not so good, the second one were much better. We talked more with each other, did the right things and scored more goals, he says.

And they really scored some more goals.

The first minute of the second period offered three goals. Two goals for FbC Hradec Králové and one for Snipers Bratislava. But the Slovak team never came closer than 2–5.

The Czechs kept on going and was in full control of the game. The final result was 3–8 to FbC Hradec Králové.

– The Slovak team has not been so good previously. But the sport has grown there recently so now it’s tougher games, says Daniel Kríz.

Daniel Kríz, to the right, with teammate Filip Cáp, to the left, after the game against Snipers Bratislava.

The Czech team goes undefeated through the group stage and make their way to the A-finals. There they have a clear goal – to reach the final.

– It will be tough, the Swedish teams are good, but we also have a good team. It is our dream to win the tournament and sometimes dreams do come true, says Daniel Kríz.

The playoffs will kick off tomorrow, Sunday. Next up for FbC Hradec Králové is the round of sixteen.