Interviews from the finals in Valhalla A

It was an intense day during the finals in Valhalla A, with packed stands from start to finish. The crowd got to see four well-played matches, all of them with high tempo and with skilled floorball players. See results and interviews with each of the winning teams’ MVP below.

B15: Tatran Stresovice – Lindås Rasta IBK 6-0

Interview with Hugo Konečný

B14: Partille IBS – IBK Höllviken 6-3

Interview with Liam Aruvald (in Swedish)

G14: IBF Älvstranden – Lindås Rasta IBK 3-2

Interview with Lova Sternvik (in Swedish)

G13: Landvetter IBK Wings – Täby FC 2-0

Interview with Nellie Stavås (in Swedish)

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