He’s there when the injury occurs

A long tournament puts players’ bodies to the test and it’s not uncommon for an injury to occur. That’s why, this year, Gothia Innebandy Cup is partnering with company Sportrehab, who provides ambulatory healthcare to help players on site.

There are some hard knocks during the match between the B15-teams Varla IBK and Fredrikshavn Blackhawks in Frölunda Kulturhus. Viktor Fredéus carefully follows the game from the side of the pitch, constantly prepared to jump in and help out with any possible injury. He’s been working at Sportrehab as a physiotherapist for four and a half years and has long experience in youth tournaments.

– A lot of people call an ambulance if a player suffers a knee or joint injury because of the way it looks, which is often quite bad. But usually it looks worse than it is. When we are on site, we can make an extra assessment of whether someone should be sent to a hospital or if the person can be helped on site, he says.

The employees at Sportrehab are specialized in sports injuries and Viktor believes that the work with young people is important. Many lack knowledge on treatment with more.

– It is not always easy to know the consequence of a certain injury and theres a risk that it will get worse by continued play. I would like to be a person who is there and can help, both practically and with guidance, he says.

So far, the day has been relatively calm and Fredrik has only looked over a minor foot injury and answered questions about how to best use sports tape. But in previous tournaments, he has been involved in both leg fractures and shoulder dislocations. A fact that makes his presence both important and positive. However, such serious injuries are more common among the older age groups, not least because the game maintains a higher tempo which places higher demands on the body.

– In the lower ages, it is more common for someone to get a bang that hurts, rather than muscle and joint injuries, he says.

Between Varla IBK and Fredrikshavn Blackhawks, Fredrik does not have to move in and he can instead focus on the next match hall. The ambulatory car is tasked with visiting various halls and schools during the tournament.

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