”Gothia is the highlight of the year”

They are not the only team participating frequently in Gothia Innebandy Cup. But Palmstaden IK is one of the few clubs that have participated in almost all tournaments since Gothia Innebandy Cup was founded in 1994, and coach André Håkansson Roxe sees no reason to stop traveling to Gothenburg.
“Gothia is the highlight of the year. The players starts talking about it at the beginning of the season”, he says.

Palmstaden IK was founded in Trelleborg in 1986 and has a built up a big youth organization. The highlight of the year? To visit Gothia Innebandy Cup and compete against both national and international teams at a high level.

“In Skåne, there are not as many teams to compete against, so Gothia Innebandy Cup makes it possible for us to play against teams we are not used to. In addition, we always notice during the matches that the level is higher here in Gothenburg”, says André Håkansson Roxe.

André started playing floorball when he was eleven. At the age of 22, he put the floorball stick on the shelf and began training the younger teams instead. Something he obviously liked a lot – after 19 years as a coach he is still as active.

“I’ve been at Gothia Innebandy Cup for seven or eight years, but the club has always travelled here with as many teams as possible. The basic idea is to let everyone play, so we constantly rotate the squad. It is a fun tournament with well-played matches and good referees. In addition, we get the opportunity to hang out as a team and do things outside the floorball pitch”, he says.

One of the players in Palmstaden IK B15 is Tintin Svemark. In January 2020, he played his third Gothia Innebandy Cup and he is already looking forward to next year’s tournament and the opportunity to hang out with his teammates.

“Hanging out with my teammates is the best. But of course it is also fun that the tournament is so big, it offers good opponents from all over Sweden and also internationally. Playing in a tournament is often more fun than the series game”, he says.

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