Gothia Innebandy Cup expands to Partille

In the tournament of 2019 Gothia Innebandy Cup expands to Partille, for the first time ever. About 800 people will stay at three schools and play games at four fields just outside Gothenburg.
– The Partille community is very committed and excited to host the tournament, says Tournament Director Lena Rönnefors.

At the two schools in Partille Gymnasium and the third called Lexbyskolan about 800 participants of Gothia Innebandy Cup will stay during their visit.

The games in Partille will be played at three indoor halls – Lexby idrottshall, Quisthallen and Partille Arena.
– Partille Arena is new, and it’s really nice. All the indoor halls keep high standard and great quality, with Partille Arena as the crown jewel, says Lena Rönnefors.

Partille Arena will be a new venue for Gothia Finals. Rest of the finals will be played at Valhalla and Gothia Center, just as previous years.

The community of Partille is happy to invite Gothia Innebandy Cup this January.
– Everyone is really dedicated to making this a great tournament for the participants. Partille is a pleasant municipality with many opportunities for the visitors. Everything from the quality indoor halls to the school environments. In addition, it is close to the big shopping center Allum, says Lena Rönnefors.

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