Time for the champions

Gothia Finals

To reach the finals in Gothia Innebandy Cup requires hard teamwork. To win, it also requires a great skill. All participants are winners to us, but there are only 12 teams that can call themselves champions.

All teams play in some kind of play off. The two first placed teams in the group advance to the A-Play off while the others two go to B-Play off. Depending on how many teams there are in the age category, you might end up playing nearly 10 matches before you reach it all the way through.

All finals will be played on Monday January 6th. The times below are preliminary.

Partille Arena / Valhalla Center
Monday (January 6th)


Schedule Finals : (Preliminary)

Valhalla A

11.00 – G13
12.10 – G14
13.20 – B14
14.30 – B15

Gothia Arena (Valhalla B)

11.00 – G11/G12
12.10 – B12
13.20 – B13
14.30 – G15

Partille Arena

09.50 – G18
11.00 – G17
12.10 – B18
13.20 – G16
14.30 – B17
15.40 – B16