Finals 2018 – Resume

Gothia Innebandy Cup 2018 has come to an end and we can summarize this year’s tournament. It has been a great tournament with a lot of new experiences for us and for all the players. Thanks a lot! See below for the results of this years Gothia Finals. 

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Girls 12
FBC Engelholm – Lindås Waves (4–1)
MVP: Frida Håkansson, FBC Engelholm

Boys 12
Tatran Stresovice (Czech Republic) – TJ Hranicâr Malonty(Czech Republic)  (4–0)
MVP: Tomas Túc

Girls 13
Landvetter Wings – IBK Lund (4–1)

Boys 13
IBK Alingsås – CL98IC (5–4 e.s)
MVP: Tomas Ahlqvist

Girls 14
Pixbo Wallenstam – Florbalová Akademie(Czech Republic) (7–2)
MVP: Moa Eklund

Boys 14
IBK Genarp – Tatran Stresovice(Czech Republic)  (2–6)
MVP: David Lennartsson

Girls 15
Täby FC – Pixbo Wallenstam (3–4 e.s)
MVP: Stina Callerfjord

Boys 15
FBC Kalmarsund – FBC Lerum (2–3)
MVP: Jesper Hallqvist

Girls 16
Åkersberga IF – IBK Lund (3–5)
MVP: Johanna Spetz

Boys 16
Tatran Stresovice (Czech Republic) – FBC Lerum (8–2)
MVP: Matej Havlas

Girls 18
Hovslätts IK Röd – Fristad GoIF (3–1)
MVP: Emmy Rommedahl

Boys 18
Hovslätts IK – Åstorp/Kvidinge IBK (4–6)
MVP: Linus Malmström

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