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The club that’s participated every year

Nearly 10,000 kids took part in Gothia Innebandy Cup in early January and around one hundred of them represented Partille Innebandy – the sole club to have participated in all 25 editions of the tournament. “Everyone in the association knows that Gothia Innebandy Cup is fun to play in and has enormous charm,” says the club’s youth manager, Sebastian Idehed. 

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Finals 2018 – Resume

Gothia Innebandy Cup 2018 has come to an end and we can summarize this year’s tournament. It has been a great tournament with a lot of new experiences for us and for all the players. Thanks a lot! See below for the results of this years Gothia Finals. 

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Girls 12
FBC Engelholm – Lindås Waves (4–1)
MVP: Frida Håkansson, FBC Engelholm

Boys 12
Tatran Stresovice (Czech Republic) – TJ Hranicâr Malonty(Czech Republic)  (4–0)
MVP: Tomas Túc

Girls 13
Landvetter Wings – IBK Lund (4–1)

Boys 13
IBK Alingsås – CL98IC (5–4 e.s)
MVP: Tomas Ahlqvist

Girls 14
Pixbo Wallenstam – Florbalová Akademie(Czech Republic) (7–2)
MVP: Moa Eklund

Boys 14
IBK Genarp – Tatran Stresovice(Czech Republic)  (2–6)
MVP: David Lennartsson

Girls 15
Täby FC – Pixbo Wallenstam (3–4 e.s)
MVP: Stina Callerfjord

Boys 15
FBC Kalmarsund – FBC Lerum (2–3)
MVP: Jesper Hallqvist

Girls 16
Åkersberga IF – IBK Lund (3–5)
MVP: Johanna Spetz

Boys 16
Tatran Stresovice (Czech Republic) – FBC Lerum (8–2)
MVP: Matej Havlas

Girls 18
Hovslätts IK Röd – Fristad GoIF (3–1)
MVP: Emmy Rommedahl

Boys 18
Hovslätts IK – Åstorp/Kvidinge IBK (4–6)
MVP: Linus Malmström

Sara Hjorting coached talented goalkeepers

Today we were lucky to have the amazing goalkeeper Sara Hjorting from the national team of Sweden at Valhalla. Together with Pixbo Wallenstams goalie coach Pontus Bohman she gave more than 15 young keepers some useful coaching.