Book hotel

Are you parents or supporters who want to stay in a hotel and take advantage of our Gothia Innebandy Cup offers? Then you are also welcome to book hotels through us!

As parent you can send your reservation request directly through our website. 

Do you want to make a hotel reservation for your team or want to come as a larger group of parents? Please contact us by e-mail so we can help you with your reservation.
Send your request to 

Please note that our reservation for 3/1 - 6/1 2019 is closed.

Booking and payment procedures

The booking is made through Gothia Cup that will send you a confirmation. Deposit of 25% of the room cost is to be paid to Gothia Cup within 30 days from booking date. Final payment is to be paid to Gothia Cup before 1 december 2018.

When making reservations later than 1 december full payment needs to be made within 3 days from the day that we send your booking confirmation.

Cancellation after November 20 will be charged 25% of the room fee
Cancellation after December 1 will be charged 100% of the room fee.