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Interviews from the finals at Partille Arena

The finals at Partille Arena gave the audience everything from a dramatic penalty shootout to a local derby and a lot of goals. It was some tough battles both on and of the rink. Here are the result and interviews with the winning team

G18: FBC Kalmarsund Ungdom – IBK Lund 4-5 (penalty shootout)
Interview with the MVP of the game Minna Karlsson, IBK Lund.

G17: Åkersberga IBF – Hovslätts IK 1-0
Interview with the MVP of the game Tilda Forsling, Åkersberga IBF.

B18: Lindås Rasta IBK – Pixbo Wallenstam IBF 1-3
Interview with the MVP of the game, Pixbo Wallenstam IBF.

G16: Ivanti Tigers Jizni Mesto – Onsala IBK 4-2
Interview with the MVP of the game Karolina Stujová och team captain Michaela Polácková.

B17: Bohemia North – FBC Kalmarsund 6-3
Interview with the MVP of the game Ondrej Kawulok, Bohemia North.

B16: Tatran Stresovice – FbC Hradec Králové 9-0
Interview with team captain Martin Pretl, Tatran Stresovice.

The northern team try their luck in Gothenurg

Röbäcks IF visits Gothia Innebandy Cup for the first time and participates with a team in B14. A team that gets an opportunity to compete against new teams and likes to be in Gothenburg. And the guys agrees on what the best part is.

Two of the players in Röbäcks IF are fourteen-year-olds William Nordin and Alfred Westerlund. The Gothia Innebandy Cup is a chance for them to go up against other teams than they usually do.

– It’s been fun to play against new teams and not the same old team that we play against every weekend, says Alfred Westerlund.

The team comes from Umeå, in the northern parts of Sweden, and has a little more than 800 kilometers to Gothenburg. It means a long journey and some nights away just like for many other teams.

But the players in Röbäcks IF are not too sorry to sleep away. They live at a hotel during the tournament which is popular with players.

– It’s nice to stay in a hotel, says William Nordin.

And Alfred Westerlund agrees that it is not wrong to stay in a hotel.

– It’s new to us, but much nicer than sleeping on mattresses in a school room, he says.

It’s just to hang out at the hotel with the team that has been the best part of the tournament in addition to play floorball. Where they entertain themselves with games in the corridors and some more.

– We usually play loud music, play Fortnite and drinks rehydration, says William Nordin.

William Nordin, to the left, and Alfred Westerlund are happy to be in Gothenburg

Coach Tony Bergström is also pleased with the tournament. He says that they accidentally signed up after winning a sales competition that made it possible for them to go.

– It’s fun to have the opportunity to go down to southern Sweden and measure ourselves against other teams. The whole cup adventure has been good, both the accommodation, the game schedule so we have nothing to complain about, he says.

The goal of the tournament was to play good floorball and get as far as possible. It has been difficult for the coaches to know what awaits the team since they are facing many new teams..

– We have no idea who the opponents is and have googled some of them. So we take one match at a time, says Tony Bergström.

They won their group despite that and the round of sixteen against Sniper’s Bratislava awaits during Sunday night.

– It will be fun to go up against a team from Slovakia, says Tony Bergström.

Win against next door neighbour – now they’re going for gold

Czech FbC Hradec Králové were up against Slovak Snipers Bratislava in a fast paced game on Saturday. The spectators witnessed some really nice goals from both teams. And now the Czechs are going for the gold medal.

It was clearly noticed that this year’s Gothia Innebandy Cup set a record in the number of participating nations during Saturday afternoon. When Slovak Snipers Bratislava were up against Czech FbC Hradec Králové in B16 group 6.

It was a game that offered high tempo and some nice goals. FbC Hradec Králové kicked of the game in the best way and quickly got a 0–3 lead. Even though they had a 1–3 lead in the end of first period, Daniel Kríz was not really satisfied.

– The first period was not so good, the second one were much better. We talked more with each other, did the right things and scored more goals, he says.

And they really scored some more goals.

The first minute of the second period offered three goals. Two goals for FbC Hradec Králové and one for Snipers Bratislava. But the Slovak team never came closer than 2–5.

The Czechs kept on going and was in full control of the game. The final result was 3–8 to FbC Hradec Králové.

– The Slovak team has not been so good previously. But the sport has grown there recently so now it’s tougher games, says Daniel Kríz.

Daniel Kríz, to the right, with teammate Filip Cáp, to the left, after the game against Snipers Bratislava.

The Czech team goes undefeated through the group stage and make their way to the A-finals. There they have a clear goal – to reach the final.

– It will be tough, the Swedish teams are good, but we also have a good team. It is our dream to win the tournament and sometimes dreams do come true, says Daniel Kríz.

The playoffs will kick off tomorrow, Sunday. Next up for FbC Hradec Králové is the round of sixteen.

She celebrates her birthday with the premier of a new class

Sussi Fensholt plays the Gothia Innebandy Cup for the fourth time – and celebrates her birthday in Gothenburg for the fourth time. This year, the celebration began with the opening game in the new class for seventeen-year-olds.

It was time for Sveiva Innebandy Club, girls 17, to play their first game of this year’s tournament during Friday morning. Sussi Fensholt is part of the team and started the tournament by celebrating her fifteenth birthday.

– I love playing floorball so it’s perfect to celebrate my birthday here, she says.

This is the fourth time Sussi is playing the Gothia Innebandy Cup. Since the tournament is always played on the same date, it has become four birthdays in Gothenburg for her.

– For some years we have been sitting on the bus on our way down, it is a bit more boring. Last year we won all our games when it was my birthday, it was more fun, she says.

Her first game of the year was in the new class for seventeen-year-olds. A close game against FBC Pitbull’s Kolin from the Czech Republic. A game that ended 1–1.

– We were a little slow in the beginning, but we played better in the second period and created good chances, says Sussi.

Sussi Fensholt, to the right, with her teammates Sara Berntzen, to the left, and Rebecka Härnlund, in the middle.

Teammate Sara Berntzen agrees that the team did not get the best start of the game.

– It was difficult to play on the floor. We are not used to parquet floor, so it was a bit slippery, she says.

Unlike Sussi, Sara plays her first Gothia Innebandy Cup. But both agree that the happenings around the games is the most fun.

– The social is the most fun, the games are a bonus, says Sussi.

Sveiva Innebandyklubb comes from Olso in Norway and are participating with six teams in the tournament. They have teams in classes B12, B14, G14, B15, B17, G17. Sussi mainly belongs to their team in G14 and after the game with the seventeen year olds the birthday celebration continued with a win and a goal with the G14 team.