Author: Maike Mohlin

To hang out with the team is the best thing

FBC Kalmarsund is an experienced club in Gothia Innebandy Cup. This was not least noticeable in their B14 team, where there were both players and coaches who have participated before. They are especially attracted by everything that surrounds the games.

Samuel Axflo, 14, plays in FBC Kalmarsund. This year he played the Gothia Innebandy Cup for the third time. A tournament he associates with hanging out in classrooms.

”The most fun thing about playing Gothia is hanging out with the team. This year we brought a TV to the classroom so we could play Fifa”, he says.

The first time he played the tournament was 2018. But his best memory is from 2019, when they advanced to the quarterfinals.

”The match was decided on penalties. In the final penalty, the opponent’s goalkeeper sat down on the ball and thought he had saved. He got up quickly and started celebrating, but then the ball rolled into the goal and we won the match”, he recalls.

FBC Kalmarsund has their base both in Färjestaden on Öland and in Kalmar. The club has participated in the Gothia Innebandy Cup many times. FBC Kalmarsund started as a collaboration between various clubs in and around Kalmar. One who started play before it became FBC Kalmarsund is Viktor Johansson, 21. He is the coach of the B14 team that participated this year and has been with them for all the three tournaments that the team participated in. When he was twelve years old he himself played Gothia with, of that time, Färjestaden IBK.

”This year we stayed at Katrinelundsskolan, in the same corridor that I stayed in when I was here and played”, he says.

For him, the Gothia Innebandy Cup is much more than just floor ball.

”It’s a special feeling, both me and the guys love the cup. Here we get to meet many teams that we don’t meet otherwise, for example teams from the Czech Republic”, Viktor says.

During this year’s tournament it was obvious that it wasn’t only the players who now are experienced. The team had great support on the stands and the crowd brought with them both pats and drums.

”We hear them well, it’s a better feeling to play here than at home”, Viktor Johansson says.

So in 2019 they reached the quarterfinals in playoff A. Unfortunately this year’s tournament ended in the first game in playoff A. They lost to Partille IBS, a team that went on to win the whole tournament.
But who knows, maybe FBC Kalmarsund will get their revenge next year.

Registration for the Gothia Innebandy Cup is open

At 10 am today, the registration for next year’s tournament, which will be played on January 3-6, opened. Träslövsläge’s B14 team was the first team to register.
”It’s nice to finish first at least once”, team leader Niclas Frejd says with a laugh.

It’s a long way to January, but you can already sign up for next year’s big floorball happening. One team that has secure it’s place is Träslövsläge. Niclas Frejd has been team leader for girl teams in the club and been to several previous editions of the tournament. Now he’s responsible for boys born in 2006 and he wanted to make sure the team got a place in the tournament.

”I had written down in the calendar that the registration open today. I’ve been away three times with a girl team from the club, now it’s the first time I will go with boys, they have not been there before. They have been looking forward to this for a long time and are already pumped. It is also good to already be able to get information out to parents so they think about it in their plans”, he says and continues:

”Gothia is one of the highlights of the year for us, the cup itself with the feeling all around is fantastic. And just with the name of the tournament, there are a lot of expectations in the air”, he says.

This year’s tournament, for the third year in a row, broke a record for participating teams. A total of 471 teams from eight different nations participated. For the first time, teams from USA came to Gothenburg. It remains to be seen if there will be new records as the 2021 tournament begins on January 3rd.

Secure your place in one of the world’s largest and most international floor tournaments. Sign up here.

Registration for next years tournament opens on March 10th

We have barely recovered from this year’s tournament but already we’re looking forward to doing it all again in just under a year. Registration for next year’s tournament opens on March 10th.

When the last final was completed on January 6th, a total of 1476 matches had been played during the four tournament days and that 9601 goals were scored. Tatran Stresovice’s team Red in category B11 was the team that scored the most number of goals. They scored a total of 84 goals during their seven matches. In addition to all goals, we saw lots of great performances, happy children and adolescents and enthusiastic crowds. Next year the tournament will also be played January 3-6 and on March 10th the registration opens.

We look forward to meet again in less than a year!

Interviews from the finals in Valhalla A

It was an intense day during the finals in Valhalla A, with packed stands from start to finish. The crowd got to see four well-played matches, all of them with high tempo and with skilled floorball players. See results and interviews with each of the winning teams’ MVP below.

B15: Tatran Stresovice – Lindås Rasta IBK 6-0

Interview with Hugo Konečný

B14: Partille IBS – IBK Höllviken 6-3

Interview with Liam Aruvald (in Swedish)

G14: IBF Älvstranden – Lindås Rasta IBK 3-2

Interview with Lova Sternvik (in Swedish)

G13: Landvetter IBK Wings – Täby FC 2-0

Interview with Nellie Stavås (in Swedish)

Interviews from the finals in Gothia Arena (Valhalla B)

It was packed during all four finals in Gothia Arena and the audience got to see many beautiful goals and skilled individual performances. Here comes results and interviews with the final matches MVP.

G12: Pixbo Wallenstam IBF – Växjö IBK U 1-5

Interview with Nike Ericsson (in swedish)

B12: Kärra IBK – Växjö IBK U Blå 1-6

Interview with Hannes Johansson (in swedish)

B13: Panthers Praha 1 – CL98IC Blå 5-1

Interview with Marek Urban

G15: Pixbo Wallenstam IBF – Fristad GoIF 3-1

Interview with Stina Wiberg (in swedish)

Twice the challenge for Emilynn

The players in USA Floorball Y16 MNT comes from all over the US. They participate in Gothia Innebandy Cup with two teams in the boys classes. Emilynn Williamsson plays in one of them and loves the sport.

Emilynn Williamsson, 15, is part of the team from the United States playing in class B15. They also have a team that plays in B12.

– It is very fun to be here and tough games, she says.

Unlike many other teams, the players in USA Floorball do not come from the same city. They live all over the country, practice on their own and have just started playing together.

– We have some tournaments in the US, that’s where we get to know each other and can play together, says Emilynn.

The team started their journey in Sweden with a camp in Jönköping. Were they played games against KFUM Jönköping.

– We got shown up, but we got good training, says Emilynn.

It wasn’t until 3-4 years ago that she started playing floorball in a team. She played with her siblings a little here and there before that. The love for the sport comes from her father who is from Sweden.

– My dad loves floorball. When he moved to the United States he thought it was sad that he couldn’t play, so he started an adult league. 3–4 years ago he started a children’s league, Orlando Viking, where we play, she says.

She expects many tough games in the tournament and their first game was a hard lost. But their second game was a win.

– It was a great win and it will be a big boost for the whole team, says Emilynn.

This is the first time they are up against teams from other countries. And being in Gothenburg is a great experience.

– The whole team thinks it is very exciting – especially the younger team, she says with a big smile.

Playing against teams from other countries is not the only challenge for Emilynn. She is one of two girls in the team and plays with and against boys.

– I like the challenge, they expect a lot from me and I like that, she says.

“I’m not good at sitting still”

He’s been both a healthcare provider and a medical manager during Gothia Innebandy Cup. This year Eric Hemmingsson is one of the area managers at Valhalla and he’s happy with the tasks and for the opportunity.
– It’s amazing to see so many young people unite around a sport, he says.

Gothia Innebandy Cup would never be possible without all the dedicated officials on site everywhere in Gothenburg. Many of them come back year after year, either to learn something new or because they simply think the tournament is fun and inspiring. Eric Hemmingsson is back at Gothia Innebandy Cup for the fourth year in a row and belongs in both categories.

– It’s very cool to be part of the players’ experience here, to see so many gather in the same place is just great, he says.

Floorball has been with him for a long time but in different forms. Eric quit as a player when he was 14 years old and began as a referee instead. But during Gothia Innebandy Cup there’s no time for him to referee any games. He has his hands full.

– No, I simply don’t have the time. Right now I’m doing a little bit of everything, but otherwise I keep track of participant lists and teams. Most of the work is about making sure everything goes according to plan, and we’re a good bunch of people who keep track of the situation, he says.

In previous years he’s been both a health care provider and a medical manager, an assignment he also enjoyed. But maybe it was his desire to do as much as possible that made him become an area manager.

– As a healthcare provider there are usually times when you got nothing to do, and I’m bad at sitting still. So it often led me to run around and help out with other things, says Eric Hemmingsson.

Eric has broad experience as an official during events, as a project and event manager. He enjoys the high tempo and is already looking forward to next year’s tournament.

– I would love to be back next year again. It’s a great and fun community, he says.

He’s there when the injury occurs

A long tournament puts players’ bodies to the test and it’s not uncommon for an injury to occur. That’s why, this year, Gothia Innebandy Cup is partnering with company Sportrehab, who provides ambulatory healthcare to help players on site.

There are some hard knocks during the match between the B15-teams Varla IBK and Fredrikshavn Blackhawks in Frölunda Kulturhus. Viktor Fredéus carefully follows the game from the side of the pitch, constantly prepared to jump in and help out with any possible injury. He’s been working at Sportrehab as a physiotherapist for four and a half years and has long experience in youth tournaments.

– A lot of people call an ambulance if a player suffers a knee or joint injury because of the way it looks, which is often quite bad. But usually it looks worse than it is. When we are on site, we can make an extra assessment of whether someone should be sent to a hospital or if the person can be helped on site, he says.

The employees at Sportrehab are specialized in sports injuries and Viktor believes that the work with young people is important. Many lack knowledge on treatment with more.

– It is not always easy to know the consequence of a certain injury and theres a risk that it will get worse by continued play. I would like to be a person who is there and can help, both practically and with guidance, he says.

So far, the day has been relatively calm and Fredrik has only looked over a minor foot injury and answered questions about how to best use sports tape. But in previous tournaments, he has been involved in both leg fractures and shoulder dislocations. A fact that makes his presence both important and positive. However, such serious injuries are more common among the older age groups, not least because the game maintains a higher tempo which places higher demands on the body.

– In the lower ages, it is more common for someone to get a bang that hurts, rather than muscle and joint injuries, he says.

Between Varla IBK and Fredrikshavn Blackhawks, Fredrik does not have to move in and he can instead focus on the next match hall. The ambulatory car is tasked with visiting various halls and schools during the tournament.

A real nail-biter already in the first game in the new arena

The 27th edition of Gothia Innebandy Cup is up and running, and for  the first time ever games are being played in Åby Arena. The arena has two rinks and will host games throughout Friday, Saturday and Sunday – and the Friday crowd didn’t have to wait long for excitement. Already the first match came to be a real shudder.

The game between Zlín Lions from Czech Republic and Warberg IBF from Sweden in the B12-category started with high pace and would prove to be a perfect inauguration of Åby Arena as the new Gothia Innebandy Cup arena. Zlín Lions have traveled a long way and it was clear that they wanted to make an impression in one of the world’s largest floorball tournaments. With strong support from parents and friends, they opened the game strongly.

With a clear three-goal lead, it looked like the Czechs would come out on top, but Warberg refused to give in and after several intense saves from the goalkeeper they found new hope. With a few minutes left of the second period number four, Hugo Blennskog, managed to place the equalizer in the back of the net. The joy was immediate and Blennskog ran straight to the bench to celebrate with his teammates.

– It was fun and felt really good, he says.

During the intermission the situation looked hopeless for Warberg IBF, but according to Blennskog they never lost hope.

– We said that we were going to work hard and pass the ball quicker to create more chances, he says.

The match ended 3-3 and despite Zlín Lions losing the lead, the mood was on top. After the team met with the respective leaders, they took a common team picture and waved diligently with the team flags. A great start to the tournament in the new arena.

The matches will continue to be played on the two rinks in Åby Arena until Sunday evening and offer both group stage and knockout games. The matches are broadcast live, which you can find more information about here:

American team comes to record-breaking Gothia Innebandy Cup

For the third consecutive year, the Gothia Innebandy Cup sets a record number of participating teams. And for the first time, the United States is represented, among the 471 teams from eight countries, that will play in one of the world’s largest floorball tournaments.

The 27th edition of the Gothia Innebandy Cup starts tomorrow and on Monday the finals are played. 10,000 sport-loving young people meet for four intensive days with floorball on 28 playfields around Gothenburg – but the tournament has in recent years grown to the adjacent municipalities Partille and Mölndal, where it this year will be the opening year for games in Åbymässan.

This years it will also be premiere for American participation in the tournament. Orlando Vikings Floorball Club from Florida comes to Gothenburg with two teams participating in B12 and B15. We’ve talked to the team manager Daniel Williamsson.

How did you find out about Gothia Innebandy Cup?

”We created the Y16 team late this year in an effort to grow youth floorball in USA. We looked at what international tournaments we could possibly attend. We also wanted a camp in connection with the tournament. After some research work we decided Gothia with a camp in Jönköping was the best option.”

How come you’re traveling all the way to Sweden to play floorball?

”USA is a young Floorball Nation. We have started a renewed effort to grow youth floorball in the country this year. In order for the kids to become better and be able to better compete internationally, we need to get the experience of playing the best kids in the world. We want to create excitement and give a way for the kids who want to improve beyond their local teams.” 

How many are you that will come here, players, staff, parents?

”We have two small teams coming to Gothia. As you might imagine, it does take quite a commitment. We are a little bit over 30 people coming. ”

Can you tell us a little bit about your club?

”Y16 was created after August this year when we had our Nationals in USA. We are a travel team that will be going to different tournaments nationally and internationally. The kids need to be younger than 16. We have about 50 players interested in the team, but only a few will be able to go each time due to the commitment required.”

Are there other clubs nearby that your team play against during the regular season?

”Since we are a travel team we travel to the tournaments that are available nationally. My local team, Orlando Vikings Floorball Club, practices regularly, but so far there are no other local teams we have been able to play with. We did end up second in Nationals after Dallas, with Utah third.”

What are your expectations coming to Gothenburg and the tournament?

”Our expectation is to learn a lot that we will bring back to U.S. and use for future growth. The kids needs the exposure and see where they need to be at to compete internationally. They will in turn share this with other local kids to eventually create a snow ball affect. We also want the kids to learn some of the Swedish culture.”

Facts: Gothia Innebandy Cup 2020

Edition: 27th tournament, since its inception in 1994.

Teams: 471 teams (the previous record was 465 teams, 2019).

Countries: Eight countries; Sweden, Norway, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Slovakia, USA, Russia and the Netherlands (17 countries have participated since its inception in 1994).

Participants: About 10,000, between 11-18 years.

Matches: 1,476 matches.

Playfields: 28

Judge: 120 judges.

Live streaming matches: About 700 matches.

Officials: About 400 officials.

Schools / hotels for accommodation: 14 schools / 8 hotels.